Aman Shah
I like your head
Mon Jul 7, 2014 21:33

Aman was very bad at sports. It didn't matter what sport, but he had yet to find a sport he excelled at. He played Quidditch to make his parents happy, although now that he never saw them, he hardly saw a point in his Quidditch playing aside from the fact that he had actually found some enjoyment from it. Aman was not good at sports, but he was a very social person and he enjoyed the idea of being on a team and working together for a common goal. Unity in such a divided world was nice.

After Quidditch practice one day, Aman was very sweaty and hot and he wasn't quite sure why. He never felt like he was working a lot, but he always left practice exhausted. He supposed that he was unaware of just how much he was moving because of the adrenaline of playing. After stopping by the diner to down an entire glass of water, he thought it would feel nice to take a dip in the pool. It would probably be smarter to start his potions homework, but Aman was quite good at procrastinating. So instead of stopping by his dorm room to open up a textbook, he changed into a swimsuit and sandals and grabbed a towel.

Aman walked around the school with his large black towel wrapped around his torso. Unlike other boys at RMI, Aman was a little insecure about his body. He certainly wasn't fat, but he didn't have any muscle. He had very dark skin, which in India did not make him more attractive, although he wasn't sure if the same beauty standard held true in America. From his observation, he was quite sure that white girls like white boys better than any other race, which made getting a girlfriend very hard for Aman. He would just have to win girls over with his shining personality.

Aman really liked the idea of having a girlfriend. He liked the idea of having someone to talk to whenever he wanted, someone to buy gifts for, a girl who would let him play with her hair whenever Aman wanted to play with hair. Also, Aman still hadn't had his first kiss. He was a legal adult, and he still hadn't kissed a girl on the lips! He was very embarrassed about this fact. Whenever boys his age mentioned the girls they were with, Aman would get uncharacteristically quiet.

The Lyra sixth year, much to his delight, arrived at the pool alone, threw his towel aside, and jumped in. He was a very poor swimmer, having only learned to swim a few years ago in this very pool. They didn't do much swimming in Gujarat because the streams by his home were very dirty. He had never been to the ocean, despite that his state bordered the Indian Ocean. Instead of swimming around, Aman swam over to a step that lead into the pool and just sat there, letting the water cool him off. When he finally made it to the step, he noticed that someone had come to join him. He smiled at Aoife, a girl in his grade, but did not speak to her, for he did not want to bother her. Not to mention that Aman wasn't wearing a shirt and neither was she and that made him a little nervous. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes and tried to think about other things besides how beautiful her red hair was.

Then, unexpectedly, he was spoken to.

"Race?" He repeated, with a raised eyebrow. "I'm a very poor swimmer, and it'll be very embarrassing... but sure!" Aman was sure that he would embarrass himself, but a race sounded fun! Aman walked over to the nearest wall in the shallow end of the pool. "To the deep end and back?" He asked his fellow sixth year. Once he got in place, his protruding chocolate brown eyes glanced at Aoife to see if she was ready. "You can count to three," he offered. He was a little nervous, but he didn't think Aoife would judge him if he started drowning a little bit halfway there. She always had seemed like a nice girl to Aman.

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