Amelia Knight
Washing away my Valentine [Inigo]
Thu Sep 18, 2014 17:09

Amelia had never realized how much she hated the month of February--specifically, how much she hated Valentine’s Day--until she actively had someone who would want to celebrate. Valentine’s Days with Niccolo were… stressful, to say the least. She very much enjoyed her time away from him, where she did not have to pretend to love him, and so an evening where affection is the literal purpose was entirely draining to the eighteen year old.

February fifteenth would feel like rebirth. She promised that to herself. Once she made it through her date-night, she could move on with her life, not having to see her soon-to-be husband for another stretch. She lived for those breaks; they made her feel human again.

It was nearly curfew when she returned from her Pearl Street date, but Amelia did not return to Cetus. Instead, she wandered and eventually found herself in the rec centre. The blonde needed to clear her head a little; Niccolo always spun her head around, the lies she weaved and he lived like toxins in her brain. He made her more than a little crazy: he made her certifiable.

With curfew half an hour in the past, Amelia slipped off her high heels and stood with half of her feet precariously hanging over the edge of the pool, her weight depending entirely on her heels. She let herself teeter on the edge the way she had before, though her prior edges were less physical and more mental. At those edges, she had always managed to pull back.

On this one, she decided to step forward.

Fully dressed, Amelia fell into the pool, for a moment just letting herself sink before she began to swim. She resurfaced with blonde curls plastered to her neck, her white and pink dress most likely ruined. Polished fingers swiped at the water assaulting blue eyes, and when she regained vision, she noticed a familiar figure in the distance. A smile swept across her lips. “Out a little late tonight, aren’t we, Inigo?”

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