Maisie Lee Allen [Aquila]
Lemme help you out there.
Mon Jun 24, 2013 17:14

Maisie rolled her wand between thumb and forefinger, enjoying the rasp of oak on her calloused hand. She'd developed this habit, this ponderous twirling, to stave off the boredom of lectures. It wasn't that the magical knowledge bestowed upon her by her professors at RMI was boring, exactly. No, Maisie simply lacked the composure to remain still when faced with the vastness of things to be discovered outside of the classroom. As thrilling as it was to see an object levitate, obedient to her will and the thirteen inches of wood in clutched loosely in her hand, the First Year would always be more entranced by the dark thickets of forest which skirted the Quidditch Pitch. A classroom, however full of complicated diagrams and odd dried things stuffed in dusty jars, couldn't compare.

That said, Maisie was rather impressed by Professor Miles' casual approach to teaching. He spoke with the informality of a man who felt close to his students; his welcoming speech had been much the same, she recalled. Although his clearly-inaccurate posters rather ruined the room's natural dungeon-esque vibe (torches and stone walls were an age-old tradition not to be meddled with by the likes of teachers), Maisie couldn't imagine a class focused on the Dark Arts to be anything less than scintillating. She was glad to learn that their first spell would be a practical one; it was frustrating to struggle with an arcane incantation to find that it only made sparks fly from her wand.

When given the order to partner up, Maisie was only too happy to oblige. She'd never thought of herself as particularly personable before coming to RMI, but she'd soon discovered that the student body of this international school of magic was a shade more stimulating than your average classroom of backwoods poverty line-toeing kids back in Maine. Maisie hopped down from her stool and scanned the room for an older student. Since the first three grades took classes together, she figured she might as well take advantage of the experience of the RMI veterans. She settled on a boy in a red shirt who she didn't remember seeing at Orientation. His back was turned, so Maisie raised her voice perhaps louder than was strictly necessary: "Hey, red shirt! I'm Maisie and I think we'd make a swell team!"

The boy seemed eager enough to accept, so Maisie palmed her wand and backed away to a safe distance. "You'd better go ahead, red. I'm not the best with incantations and I'd rather not turn your fingernails into mice, since we've just met and all." Maisie grinned, only half serious. "Show me what you've got, then."

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