Felicia Davino
Then Call Me Ms.Wonderful
Mon Jun 24, 2013 21:17

Felicia was a little nervous, since this would be her first time trying out an actual spell with her wand and everything, but she tried not to let it show as she rolled up her sleeves.

“Sure,” she said with more confidence than she felt, “I’ll go first.”

Felicia’s face held a look of concentration as she pulled out her wand and tried to remember the spell professor Miles had said. What was it again? Expoliamus? No that wasn’t it. Expo- Expell-. Darn. She had just heard it a second ago. The word then popped into her head like a gopher pops into a garden to wreak havoc. Expelliarmus! That was it! With a nod to herself and a mental pat on the back, she got into position and raised her wand.

“Expelliarmus.” When nothing happened she thought for a moment. Did she pronounce it wrong? She didn’t think so. It sounded like how the professor said it. Then she remembered the hand gesture that was shown. Circle then jab, that was it. Giving herself a face palm she looked at her partner apologetically.

“I was paying attention, honestly.” She hoped that Ella wouldn’t think she was an idiota for this, “I’m just forgetful. Hold on a sec, think I got it now.”

Felicia raised her wand once again and did a circle then jab, “Expelliarmus!” she practically shouted, making sure to pronounce the spell correctly. The spell finally worked and she felt the power shoot out of her wand and hit her partner’s wand.

(OOC: I’m not sure if describing Ella’s wand flying out of her hand would count as god-moding so I’m just going to leave this post as is. Please let me know if I’m wrong or right.)

  • Okay is wonderful!Ella Parker, Thu Jun 20 16:03
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    • Then Call Me Ms.Wonderful — Felicia Davino, Mon Jun 24 21:17
      • And me Miss. Can't-Cast-A-SpellElla Parker, Wed Jun 26 12:08
        Ella felt the spell knock out of her hand hard. Even as a muggleborn, she knew that that was a powerful cast. Ella looked over her shoulder, as her wand fell to the floor at the other side of the... more
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