Ella Parker
And me Miss. Can't-Cast-A-Spell
Wed Jun 26, 2013 12:08

Ella felt the spell knock out of her hand hard. Even as a muggleborn, she knew that that was a powerful cast. Ella looked over her shoulder, as her wand fell to the floor at the other side of the classroom. She whipped round to Felicia, eyes open wide.

“That was so cool! Did you already know the spell? Because that was pretty powerful, I mean I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure my wand wasn’t supposed to fly across the classroom!”

Ella quickly ran to retrieve her wand, her expectations of her own spell decreasing by the moment. She turned it over in her hands making sure it was not damaged in anyway. Ella really liked her wand, it had dragon heartstring in its core which sounded pretty cool, though slightly guilty that a dragon had died and part of it was forced in a stick. Ella had never seen a dragon before and they sounded amazing, picturing a gigantic green-scaled lizard, wings spread - blocking out the sun, amber eyes glowed and it opened its fanged mouth and let out an earth shaking shriek.

Ella walked back to Felicia and lifted her own wand.
Expelliarmus She whispered trying it out on her tongue, hopefully that was how you pronounced it, that’s what Felicia said and that worked… She lifted her wand, still whispering the spell under her breath; it somehow knew when she wanted to cast the spell. Wands were, in some way, like dogs. Very loyal.

Trying to copy Felicia’s wand movement, Ella shouted “ Expelliarmus!

  • Then Call Me Ms.WonderfulFelicia Davino, Mon Jun 24 21:17
    Felicia was a little nervous, since this would be her first time trying out an actual spell with her wand and everything, but she tried not to let it show as she rolled up her sleeves. “Sure,” she... more
    • And me Miss. Can't-Cast-A-Spell — Ella Parker, Wed Jun 26 12:08
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