Professor Miles
Hexes are for Cool Kids [Fourth and Fifth Years]
Wed Jul 3, 2013 17:28

Chris rushed into his dimly lit classroom a few moments after the start of class, the bottom of his black robes billowing behind him and nearly getting caught in the door as he slammed it shut. He immediately grabbed a piece of chalk in preparation to start writing on the board, when he remembered that he could multitask thanks to the fact that he was a wizard. Oh right, magic, Chris reminded himself as he put the chalk back down and turned around to face his class. He did not do well on an empty stomach.

“Right, so my daughter fell down the last few stairs this morning and with four-year-olds that literally means that all hell breaks loose, so bear with me because I didn’t have time for breakfast.” Merlin, 8 a.m. classes sucked. The Philadelphian usually skipped his 8 a.m. classes when he was a student. The hypocrite that he was, he did not recommend skipping to his own intermediate students who he saw bright and early every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Chris pulled his wand out of his pocket and, with a swift and lazy wave, directed its tip toward his dusty blackboard. The white chalk he had picked up moments ago lifted itself up and began writing a few hexes on the board.

“As we know from studying about survival in duels, hexes are pretty dang useful. Sure, their effects aren’t disastrous, but we don’t want to be sued, do we? Or, even worse, charged for homicide? By the way, your essays on the Restrictions of the Use of Defensive Magic are due by the end of this class. Anyway, to prevent any misdemeanors when it comes to duels that there is a chance authorities will get involved with, I really do suggest that you refrain from using spells that can possibly kill unless you yourself are facing death. Remember: There are ways to tell who used a spell first.” Chris was always pretty frank with his students. He felt that it was his job to let them know that there was dark magic out there, and they needed to know how to defend themselves properly. They also needed to know when Dark Magic was being used against them, because if they used it in retaliation when it wasn’t first shot at them, they could get in a lot of trouble with the law.

“On the board I have written down a few hexes. You should already have studied them when you read the chapter, but here they are for refreshment. The first, my personal favorite, The Bat-Bogey hex makes your victim’s buggers burst from their noses in the form of large black bats. The second, The Tickling Hex, causes the victim to collapse in a fit of tickles all over their bodies. The third is the twitchy-ears hex, which, you guessed it, makes your ears twitch like crazy.” The dark haired man looked carefully at a few of the more eager looking faces. He quite remembered being in their seats, absolutely delighted by the idea of hexes.

“What we’re really going to be focusing on today, however, will be how to deflect hexes,” Chris said, his right wrist flicking his wand toward the board to have the chalk write the words Salvio Hexia across it. “It’s simple enough; the wand movement is a simple horizontal wave,” Chris said matter-of-factly, showing the simple wand movement. “You guys will partner up, one person using one of the three hexes on the board and the other using the hex deflection, and then vice versa. I’ll be around if you need help.” Really, he couldn’t afford to sit and think about his hunger. He needed to keep himself busy until his next free period. “And don’t forget to turn your essays in!”

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