Finn Dubois (Draco)
I do enjoy a good hexing now and then.
Thu Jul 25, 2013 16:05

It had surprised Finn to realize that she was looking forwards to today’s Defense class. Most of the classes she’d attended so far had accomplished nothing more than providing her with an extra place to nap during the day. She had already completed half of her fourth year at Beaux, and so, having already learnt a significant chunk of the fourth-year class material, she seldom felt a need to pay any more attention than the absolute bare minimum, blue eyes staring at the professors for the few minutes it took to confirm her knowledge of whatever spell they were going over that day and then willingly retreating back to the hazier corners of her mind for some much-desired “zone out time”. Zoning out was a luxury that the Halfblood hadn’t been able to afford much in the past, neither in her time at Beauxbatons Academy nor at her grandparent’s home in Québec. It was just one of those things that took up spare time, and she didn’t exactly have spare time at home to begin with, she reflected, idly tracing her fingers around the edges of her (blank) notebook.

Little children were the sorts of creatures who reduced spare time substantially. Finn knew this from experience, and she couldn’t hold back a sympathetic wince at Miles’ explanation of why he had been late to class. Lucien, the youngest of the Dubois cousins, was three years old right now and he seemed to have morphed from the Terrible Twos right into the Equally And Possibly Even More Terrible Threes. Eventually he would grow up enough that his behaviour would improve, but for now, her aunt and uncle were stuck in a seemingly never-ending downwards spiral. ‘Funny how kids can age up and down at the same time.’ The Québecer wasn’t entirely sure what her opinion on children was. Her cousins were cute enough, but they could still be a handful at times, during which the definition of ‘cute’ became rather flexible.

Anyways, back to her original train of thought. Why was she looking forwards to today’s class? The answer was simple: hexes! Finn hummed to herself contentedly, fiddling with her long osier wand. “Who in their right mind would want to use a Twitchy-Ears when you could put bats in someone’s nose instead?” she commented dryly in her French drawl, not directing the words towards anyone in particular but still keeping her tone low so as not to interrupt Miles’ lecture. “Bats are way more interesting.” In her humble opinion, the Bat-Bogey Hex was pretty freakin’ awesome. She’d used it on a few occasions during her time at Beauxbatons and had found it to be a very good deterrent between her and the general student population. There was something about causing a swarm of the winged rodents to come bursting out of Daphne Rosseau’s nostrils two nights in a row that must have been awfully disturbing for the Parisian witch; she had retreated back to her den with her little posse and the whole group of them had left off on pestering Finn for nearly a week-and-a-half afterwards. It had been a well-earned respite, if you asked her.

Flipping through the (still blank) notebook on her desk, she located her essay from where she had stuffed it between the pages and slid it out. She uncapped a pen and added a hasty Serafina Dubois, fourth year to the top of the page before hopping out of her chair and glancing towards her desk mate. “Hey hun, want me to turn yours in for you?” she asked them, waving her own essay in the air to indicate what exactly she was referring to. “I won’t peek at it, promise. And if I do, hey, you can prolly get away with hexing me during class for it. Bonus for you.” A smirk tugged at full lips while she waited for their response. The kids at Beaux would never have agreed to let her hand in their work for them, nor would she have agreed to let them take hers (she had made the mistake of that once only to be confronted by their professor later and questioned on why her paper was left mysteriously empty), but so far RMI’s students seemed to have slightly more personal integrity than the ones she had left behind. Plus, it just made sense for her to offer. What was the point in the students individually going up in a crowd to see Miles when one person could just take all the class papers up and save everyone the hassle?

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    • I do enjoy a good hexing now and then. — Finn Dubois (Draco), Thu Jul 25 16:05
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