Chris Miles
A Furry Little Problem
Fri Aug 23, 2013 16:49

The Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher had to meticulously plan out his most special lesson for his intermediate class. He had been teetering between whether or not he should actually take his brother’s offer and allow a real werewolf come visit the class. Of course, he made certain that she came around the time of a new moon, just to be cautious, and that his students would know not to actually come near the woman visiting and try not to anger her with tactful remarks. However, on the morning he planned to tell his class about their guest that would be coming next class, his brother owled him and told him how excited his friend was to come in and meet his class. This information made Chris’ insides squirm with guilt at his thought-up safety measures. How could he be so insensitive, so easily brain-washed by the common wizard prejudices, especially when he himself as a Muggle-born was often a victim of those common prejudices?

As the former Cultural Studies teacher, he felt it his duty to teach toleration to his class before teaching them the properties of werewolves. After all, she was a human being as well, and from what his brother Gavin had told him, she had been trying very hard to assimilate into the wizarding society without having to hide the fact that she was a werewolf nearly all her life. Chris had been surprised by the initial offer from his brother, wondering why anyone would want a classroom full of kids, many of whom raised by purebloods, to know they were a werewolf . Even before having met the woman, Chris felt she was very admirable.

About thirty minutes before the intermediate class was due to start, Chris led his twin brother and his friend from the hospital he worked at, Selena Hartman, the werewolf, into his classroom. Gavin, tall like Chris with the same black hair a little longer than his brother’s, scanned his blue eyes, also the same as his brother’s, around the room in an amused sort of way. “Nice decorations,” he commented, grinning at his brother. “I still don’t believe that you’re actually a teacher.”

“Yeah, well,” Chris said, wearily pulling out graded homework from his book bag and placing it on his desk. “Is this proof enough?”

“I think it’ll hit me when actual kids walk in. Speaking of which, where would you like me and Selena to go while you teach and stuff?” Gavin asked, gesturing to the short girl as his side who was looking around the room in a mildly interested way, looking rather awkward. She had a very tiny waist and wispy brown hair cut just above her ear. Her skin was papery and pale and she had dark circles underneath her eyes, all very uncharacteristic for a woman of only twenty-three. It was hard to believe that this woman turned into a ferocious creature one a month that was able to maim people much bigger than her.

You can sit in a desk and shut your mouth, you’re not important,” Chris said, pointing at Gavin, who looked rather sulkily back at his brother, muttering something along the lines of , “At least I have a proper degree,” underneath his breath as he turned on the spot and slumped into a desk in the front row. “Selena, you got my owl, right?” Chris asked, addressing his guest. She nodded. “Cool. So you know what you’re going to do.” Chris took a seat beside Gavin and talked with him and Selena until the students started filing in. When it was time for class to start, Chris directed his wand toward the board and turned around in his seat to address his class.

“Hey guys, we have a guest here today, like I told you guys we would, to teach us about werewolves and their properties and things like that. So, please welcome our guest Selena Hartman, an expert on the subject.” Chris led the round of applause and nodded to Selena, who stood up and greeted the class, looking rather nervous.

“Hi guys, I’m Selena and I chair the Pennsylvanian branch of the Association for the Advancement of Half-Breeds. I’m here to tell you a few things we do, but of course to also inform you on the characteristics of werewolves, as they can be very dangerous to humans and other species. As I’m sure most of you know, werewolves only transform into their wolf form once a month at the full moon. Every other day and night of the moon cycle, they are normal humans trying to live their lives. For many years, werewolves have been considered extremely dangerous due to their uncontrollable hunger for blood when they transform. You can tell the difference between normal wolves and werewolves quite easily. On the board is a list.” She flourished her wand toward the black chalkboard where a list appeared instantly. It looked like such:

The Characteristics of a Werewolf:
1) Shorter snout
2) Human-Like eyes
3) Tufted tail
4) Mindless Hunting of Humans during the full moon

“The condition of werewolfry has the proper name of Lycanthropy. One contracts this condition by being bitten by a werewolf and having survived the wounds. Only wizards and witches have been known to survive the bites from a werewolf thanks to our advanced medical abilities over Muggles,” she said, making a small inclination of the head toward Gavin, who was working on getting his healing degree. “Werewolf wounds can only be treated with a mixture of powdered silver and dittany. During transformation, some werewolves try to shut themselves in a secluded area on their own so as to not harm those around them, for they are not able to control themselves once the transformation has taken place. Out of frustration, they will usually cause harm to themselves because they cannot fulfill their desire for blood. Some werewolves, sadly, out of resentment for the condition inflicted on them, position themselves around humans to ensure that they attack someone and force others to also have to live with lycanthropy.

“In the AAHB, we encourage werewolves to not feel resentment toward their condition but instead to fight for justice and live their lives like normal. It is common for werewolves to join a pack and live underground after being bitten, but others of us attempt to live our lives as normal. I bet most of you did not guess I am a werewolf myself,” she said, grinning. The line sounded rehearsed, but it nonetheless seemed to add an effect to her speech. “I do not have to suffer from my condition hardly at all now, thanks to the wolfsbane potion I get once a month that allows me to sleep through my transformation without the tendencies to bite. This invention has changed the lives of werewolves dramatically over the last thirty years, allowing us to be able to live with humans without worry. I beg that you keep this in mind when you meet werewolves and try not to be prejudice against them. Many of us do not intend to hurt anyone, but just want to live our lives and deal with our little problems.” Selena took a seat and Chris stood up, leading the class in a round of applause.

“Thank you so much Selena, it is really appreciated. For the rest of class, guys, I would like you all to partner up and think up spells that could protect you from a werewolf attack without harming the werewolf. For an extra assignment, Selena’s association, the AAHB, is offering a 50 galleon scholarship to one author of a paper explaining how you think the magical community could integrate werewolves into their society without prejudices, due to me by next month. I want the list of spells by the end of class, as well as an answer to this question,” Chris flicked his wand toward the board, which now read underneath the previous writing: What age group has the highest percentage of being bitten? Why do you think that is so? “Good luck, use your book if you need to. If you have any further questions you are encouraged to talk to Miss Hartman, my bro Gavin, or myself.”

Chris sat back down with his brother and Selena, making sure that people were doing as they were told and finding a partner and pulling out parchment, quills, and ink. “Weird,” Gavin muttered beside him, shaking his head. “Who on earth would actually listen to you?”

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