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Tue Sep 3, 2013 21:13

Strawberry had not really wanted to take Defense, but she hadn't really had much of a choice. She knew her sister's opinion on the professor quite well, and though she'd never had quite so much of an issue with him, even though she hadn't really enjoyed the gym class lesson when he'd taught Cultural Studies, she still didn't really want to be here. She didn't have quite the same issue with sports as her sister, but dodgeball was a brutal horrible game. In school, she'd always liked tumbling best, they both had. For Patience, it was something she had less difficulty with and for Strawberry, it was just fun. Of course, the one thing the Draco had truly enjoyed was playing with the giant parachute. Because it didn't take that much athleticism.

The real issue that she had with taking DADA was actually similar to the one she had with dodgeball. Someone could get hurt. In fact, she could hurt someone with a hex or jinx or what not and the thought bothered her quite a bit. Still, her options were quite limited. She hadn't gotten good enough grades to continue with Potions or Magical Science, not that she was interested in either, and Herbology had only been slightly better. So that left her with DADA, The Foretelling Arts, and Spellwork. And of course, the required Cultural Studies, which could be anything. Honestly, there were a wide range of cultures at RMI, and no topic could be dismissed as something that was normal for everyone. Therefore, whether they taught about Muggles-which Muggleborns and halfbloods already knew about-or Centaurs or House Elves or wizards of a different culture or even wizards of this culture, which would really help Muggleborn students become better assimilated. At least if the Professor wasn't forcing them to experience something that they already had in Muggle school, that they'd never enjoyed to begin with. Professor Miles had forced them to do gym class, which had earned him Patience's passionate hatred, and Strawberry had heard somewhere that Professor Blair was into science. She just couldn't get away from it. If there was too much of that, she was doomed.

She often felt kind of stupid with the classes offered here and she was worried that people viewed her as such. Or even that she really was. But that couldn't be possible. Strawberry had always done all right in things like English and social studies and now did fine in anything that used spells. She could even do art and music, though she wasn't amazing talented in either and apparently could sing well enough to land a good part in the musical as a fourth year. Which also meant she was a good enough actress and that Addi Leppit at least thought she was intelligent enough to learn a lot of lines.

Honestly, she was quite proud of her part. Not to the point where she thought herself better than others. Melinda Brogren, for example, had gotten a smaller part than Strawberry and she was truly gifted and completely serious about acting whereas the Cetus just did it for fun. If the younger girl could play another gender in Beauty and the Beast , that was a true test of acting abilities, especially given that Melinda seemed ultra-feminine.

As for herself, she had gotten Frenchy, and a Pink Lady was an excellent part for a fourth year. It was going to be lots of fun, even if she and Olivia weren't doing the same thing again. It wasn't going to be quite the same. Yet, it wasn't as if her friend had a bad part. It seemed to be fairly decent sized so at least Strawberry didn't have to feel guilty about getting a better part or something. She was just disappointed not to have them both being the same thing, but then Grace Brogren was a sixth year and deserved a bigger part, though she thought Olivia should have been able to beat out a second year and get the part of Jan. Then they at least could have both been Pink Ladies, the way they had both been napkins and silly girls and pigs. Though Strawberry was a bit proud that she'd gone from a napkin to a moderately sized role.o

She also had to admit, she was also glad that there was nothing going on between Frenchy and Doody because that would just be strange. Strawberry didn't know about her friend but she wasn't sure she could get through such a scene without bursting into laughter.

When it came to academics though, it was just science that tripped Strawberry up. And the more complex math that went along with some of it.Other than that though, she was perfectly capable in both magic and muggle subjects. So, here she was in DADA. She just hoped today wouldn't involve a lesson where she had to point a wand at someone and risk hurting them. The Cetus was a bit squeamish about that, whereas her sister had always deliberately tried to slip up and hex Professor Miles, as well as cut class at least once a month. Patience had claimed that at that time, it was not a good idea for her to be around Professor Miles and hexes.

Fortunately, this was apparently not to be one of those hexing people lessons. Strawberry did expect to learn more about especially dark things as she got older, Marshall said that was what his niece was learning. That Defense got more fun when you got into advanced classes. Unfortunately, the idea of those things made her a little squeamish too, but she thought it was probably better than taking classes where she'd get a D at best, though a nice solid P in Herbology might have been possible. The problem with these classes was that she was going to look stupid and like not a very good witch, even though naturally her spellwork was just fine and according to not only Patience but to Aunt Bliss as well, that was the most important part of being a witch.

The first thing Strawberry noticed was not the female guest, but a man who looked quite like Professor Miles. So he had an identical twin. She could only imagine the reaction her sister would have had to that , to there being two of them. It probably would have resulted in Patience being extremely horrified and looking a bit nauseous. It was best that she had dropped this class. It had been making her as miserable as the science based classes had made Strawberry. And she hated seeing anyone she cared about unhappy. The Cetus hoped her sister would never see this guy, and that if she did, she'd just assume he was Professor Miles. Though logically, they both new that identical twins were not necessarily the same, it would probably shake Patience up in this case. Again, it was probably for the best that she wasn't in here.

However, once the professor had began the lesson, Strawberry made sure to pay attention. This year was her chance to make people think she was less stupid. Her happy personality would not diminish any, which was something that her sister had warned her made her appear less intelligent to others, and the subjects she'd previously had to take certainly couldn't help her in that department. At least, she hoped she was seen as a good and kind and friendly person and it wasn't as if she were as smart as Patience anyway, with only her grade in gym classes and DADA better and the latter only due to the Draco skipping class on a semi-regular basis when she had taken it.

It turned out the woman, Selena Hartman, was a werewolf and president of some pro-werewolf organization. Strawberry had always felt sort of sorry for werewolves. There was the physical pain they felt from changing from starters and then there was the prejudice they faced. She admittedly knew what that was like though not nearly to the same degree. Kids at home were mean, their home an oasis. She loved the woods and meadows surrounding it, and the old lighthouse that had once been Harmony's playhouse-even though Mama had not really wanted the fourth year's eldest sister to play there-and then hers and Patience's. Mama hadn't been thrilled about that either but due to Harmony's illnesses and the fact that it had been just her and Mama for a long time, Mama was more protective of her eldest. Not only were there were the usual dangers of a run down lighthouse, but she'd been afraid Harmony would have an asthma attack or start feeling ill while there and not be able to make it back home. Patience and Strawberry on the other hand were perfectly healthy.

The presentation was quite interesting. The Cetus had been taught by her brother-in-law that a werewolf was somone with a disability and were perfectly normal people most of the time. Not that he or Strawberry or any of their family members wanted to get anywhere near one during the full moon, but the rest of the time they were normal people going through a terrible time. Not only did they have to experience this once a month-and it was especially awful for female werewolves who had to go through awful things twice a month-but they faced prejudice and were treated as second class citizens. She understood, she'd been treated as such at home and here she was a halfblood,it didn't matter who Harmony had married. Her father was still a Muggle, she loved him, but the society PBs were bound to hate her, other than Olivia, who wasn't one anymore. She'd been disowned like Strawberry's mom had.

So any "important" connections in the PB world that she might have had didn't matter. Her mom was disowned, Harmony's real dad was only interested in his own daughter-as well his other children that he knew about- and Marshall's family had no say here, which he said drove his great-grandfather nuts, given it was the only place in the West that they didn't. If RMI was out East, he wouldn't have cared at all.

Strawberry felt sad for this woman. She had figured she was werewolf but knowing they bit and scratched themselves in frustration made her feel even worse for Miss Hartman. How dreadful! And the changes had to be so painful, that was how they had made it look on Dark Shadows. And on Hemlock Grove, the guy's eyes had popped out! And that had been scary to watch because that guy looked sort of like Marshall. After that, Strawberry had had nightmares about her brother-in-law's eye popping out and refused to watch anymore. Patience, of course, had kept up with it. The Draco liked shows like that. Strawberry knew it wasn't like that and she was glad to hear that Miss Hartman got to use Wolfsbane potion to help her.

The Cetus turned to the person next to her and asked "Want to work with me on this?" Essays she could do, she could do anything that wasn't science.

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