Then we both were a bit unnecessary
Wed Sep 11, 2013 01:19

Strawberry tried not to be taken aback by Inigo's reaction. She knew that some people were afraid of werewolves and had a lot of prejudices towards them. She personally had had difficulty with the transformation scene on Hemlock Grove, though that was because the guy looked sort of like her brother-in-law. Plus, if the Cetus came face to face with one during a full moon,she had to admit for all her tolerance, her instinct would to be to hex it and get far away as fast as possible.

"Actually, the assignment says we need to protect ourselves, not them, just not kill them. And while I don't want to hurt anyone, I have to agree with you to a certain degree, if I ran into one of them during the full moon I'd probably be terrified and not care too much or think about what I did while I tried to escape. So, even though I recognize them as people with disbilities and feel sorry for them, it's also doesn't make them any less dangerous during the full moon. The same can be said for other psychiatric problems like those with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Bipolar people can become extremely hostile and say hurtful things. An untreated schizophrenic can kill, because of their delusions. Would you condone killing them, unless it was in self defense?"

He seemed really upset by this whole thing, though. Strawberry assumed he'd had a bad experience with one. "Are you okay though? You seem pretty angry about this assignment." Maybe there had been another York sibling or some other relative that had been killed by one, that it had affected his familiy in some negative way. "But how would you feel if it was one of your relatives that was a werewolf? Would you want to see them killed? Or if you were a werewolf and experienced the prejudice they do? I personally think the Wolfsbane potion is the best solution and that one should just stay inside during the full moon but that's not what he asked for." Strawberry did need a good grade in this class, to make up for her poor showing with all the science based classes in previous years. She was detemined to get good grades now that she didn't have to take those awful science classes.

She did not like seeing Inigo this angry about the whole thing though. She hated to see anyone so upset. She wanted to help him feel better and she didn't quite know how. Aside from that she'd already told him that if she actually ran into one during the full moon-and she wouldn't want to run into a regular wolf either, and if she saw one she wouldn't be examining to see if it was a regular wolf or a werewolf, she'd be getting the *pea* out of there. "I mean, I'm alright with defending yourself, self-defense is instinctive, I just hate the idea of them-or anyone else- being discriminated against for something. My brother-in-law" and it was hard to think of Marshall and werewolves now without envisioning his eyes popping out "told me that actually hunting a werewolf was like hunting the blind or someone in a wheelchair. When they're in human form, most of them don't want to hurt someone and probably feel terribly guilty when they do."

Strawberry knew that would be the case with her. If she were a werewolf and woke up the next day to find the corpse of someone that she killed, she'd start to cry. After screaming because of the fresh bloody corpse. "A lot of good people have this happen to them. Becoming werewolves. And I'm not saying that its okay that they kill innocent people either, but they can't help it. They aren't in their right minds."

The Cetus continued. "And one of the reasons we have the Statute of Secrecy is that Muggles are prejudiced against us every bit as much as people say we're all prejudiced against them. They used to burn and hang and persecute us and they were in their right minds. So, how is it okay to persecute someone else when it happened to us? And there are still groups that are anti-magic, they just don't know what it really is or really exists. Mostly now its aimed at Muggles dabbling in the occult, but they still wouldn't be too crazy about us."

Apparently, she just wasn't going to say anything that would pacify Inigo, but she did hope that he took some of what she said to heart. People didn't necessarily take Strawberry very seriously and while she had badly wanted to pacify and agree with him, in the end she couldn't and had to speak her mind. "However, no matter how we feel about this,the assignment is what is and I'd like to get a good grade on it."

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