Yeah, but at least we're not alone.
Fri Sep 20, 2013 18:24

Barely restrained fury, mounting frustration and regret coiled in a tight, iron flame around Inigo's neck, forced down his throat until he unwittingly swallowed, his lungs blistering with too many words he couldn't quite make fit on his tongue. Most of the classroom had faded away, as if they were all in a play onstage, with the spotlight cast on Strawberry and himself, and the menacing shadow of the cordially invited beast growing on the opposite wall, steadily inching towards them. His honor felt ripped apart, shredded in pieces, unsure which torn fragment he should hold up and hastily drape across his body once more; on one hand, he had been brought up not to speak so harshly to any girl (especially a naive, innocent as Strawberry had always appeared to be), but on the other hand they were in the presence of a monster and Inigo didn't want their professor brainwashing her into thinking she should let compassion overrule her survival instinct.

"...agree with you to a certain degree..." Inigo's eyes were like charcoal, an almost dull grey when he was bored, illuminated by sparks of ember when pleased or excited, or curious. Fireworks burst just behind his widened gaze, his fingers flexing on the table, nails digging into wood, the barest aggravated scraaape lost just beneath Strawberry's sound. Although he had never much thought about her in any capacity (different houses, different years, with very little that would have ever brought her to his attention), his initial impression had been that she was... well, just Strawberry. Sweet and polite, a proper girl, everything she was supposed to be and not striving to be anything more, but now Inigo was peeking at layers of an intricate thought process and personality he'd never even once wondered might be there.

"That's different though," Inigo spoke, a wave of anger receding into frustration, struggling to make sure he was fully comprehending her continuous rain of logic, his olive toned skin drenched in tightened fear of the beast that still haunted the corner of their classroom, turning a little in his seat so that his back faced the unwanted guest, doing his best to shield Strawberry from her view. "Regular people that are just mentally ill or something... they're not always trying to kill people. Like, they have that capacity, of course, everybody has the potential to be a murderer."

Inigo hesitated, biting his lip, hoping he hadn't offended Strawberry. "Not you of course, but in general, all people have that physical capacity, and emotional capacity. The struggle against evil is what makes us human. But... but werewolves don't struggle with it, they give into it every single time! Whatever once made them human is completely gone, they're not the same person that they once were, they have no souls. They are... animals, but worse than animals, because animals only kill to survive, and to feed, and that's natural and acceptable and... yeah. But werewolves kill just to... do it. Just for fun, just because it's evil and they're evil."

He took a breath, his face flushed, pink tints of flesh that would burn to the touch, dark eyes flashing with every aggravated word he spoke. "I mean, bipolar people... their entire purpose in life isn't to kill. But that's all a werewolf does, that's all a werewolf is. Yeah, I feel bad for whoever they were... whoever she was," He jerked his thumb back over his shoulder, but just as quickly thrust his hand back down, clenching the hard wood of his desk. "But it's not the same person anymore, it's just a demon wearing her face. And... they shouldn't be teaching you or teaching me or any of us any different."

"But how would you feel if it was one of your relatives that was a werewolf? Would you want to see them killed? Or if you were a werewolf and experienced the prejudice they do?"

Inigo physically balked at the question, acid churning in his gut, dark curls falling into his eyes as he combed a hand through his hair, growing nails briefly clenching his scalp as he struggled with the words burning holes int his tongue. "Isso nunca - that would - that would never happen. No one in my family could ever..."

To his knowledge, there were no such tragedies on either side of his family, as massive as it was, and as widespread as it was. Werewolf attacks were still quite rare, and had always been, even if the fear had spread to all parts of the world, and remained a continuous cautionary tale, and frequent game for kids to play.

Inigo liked to read about the family history, curled up in his father's armchair, inhaling the faint scent of cinnamon and cigars that clung to the well worn leather, large family albums spread upon his lap, flipping photographs and reading the dates and names of those featured, counting back to how close they were as cousins and ancestors. Every family had a tragic tale, but Inigo was positive his own had never been plagued by werewolves.

So he didn't have to answer Strawberry's question. It had never happened, and it never would. He wanted to tell her to shut up and shut her mouth and just accept what he was saying as the truth, because it was, and he was right, and even if her heart was in the right place, her compassion was misplaced and she needed to understand and agree with him without him having to explain. It was too disturbing to consider... what he and his family would have to do, since they all held the same conviction concerning werewolves.

"Look, it boils down to them being monsters. The person they once were isn't a monster, but the creature that's taken their place is. Our bodies are just artificial shells for our souls. A werewolf bite, or a vampire bite for instance... it's a demon taking over our shell. It can even adopt and mimic our personality but it's not us, it's something else. So there's no point in trying not to hurt werewolves because... it's needs to be hurt. It needs to be put down. If not then truly innocent people will suffer, and will get hurt and maybe get bit and then they'll become monsters too." that Muggles are prejudiced against us every bit as much as people say we're all prejudiced against them. They used to burn and hang and persecute us and they were in their right minds. So, how is it okay to persecute someone else when it happened to us?

A little bit of him heard what she was saying, a little bit of him excited by a logical discussion, political and emotional, like the conferences he enjoyed sitting in at the embassy with his father or one of his uncles. But he was overwhelmed by anger and frustration and genuine fear (there-was-a-monster-in-the-classroom) and trying to get Strawberry to be on the same page as him was exhausting. His muscles were tightened and sore, everything about him overtly tensed as he remained hunched in his seat, fingers clenched on the desk, stained in ink, trying to keep himself staunchly in the middle of the Selena Beast and Strawberry.

"It's not persecution when it's based on fact, not prejudice." Inigo stated, rather shortly, England flexed in his voice as Portugal retreated, hair on the back of his head prickling at being compared to a mere muggle. "Anyway, muggles are right to hate us. It's natural to envy what we are and what we can do. We're gods compared to them, and that's really scary. The difference is, most of us are good people and don't want to go out and kill muggles just because we have the power to do so. But werewolves have proven that killing and turning are all they're capable of."

Around them, students were taking diligent notes, talking about the project, trying for a good grade, and Inigo felt torn between wanting to fall in with the blissful, ignorant crowd and standing up for what he believed in. "Look, lo siento, Strawberry, I didn't mean to... I don't want you to think that I... I'm not trying to be a jerk, okay? I'm just... look, you should find another partner because I really can't get behind this assignment. It's just wrong, completely wrong. I would be going against everything I was if I pretended to be okay with this just for a good grade."

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    Strawberry tried not to be taken aback by Inigo's reaction. She knew that some people were afraid of werewolves and had a lot of prejudices towards them. She personally had had difficulty with the... more
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