Professor Miles
Close your eyes (Sixth-Seventh Years)
Sun Sep 22, 2013 21:35

The most important part of Chris’ job was to prep his advanced students to take their DADA IMP. The only IMP Chris had done well on himself was his own DADA one. If he had done a bit better on his Transfiguration IMP, he would have his dream job and wouldn't be sitting in this classroom, but that was another matter. From his own personal experience, Chris knew what it took to be able to get the best possible score on the Defense IMP. His downfall that brought him from an O to an E was his poor ability to use occlumency around the time of his sixth year. He had wondered if he’d been able to finally get that Outstanding had he taken his IMPs his seventh year. His occlumency abilities had certainly approved since he was sixteen, but he had so many other things to worry about when he was in his seventh year. It was sort of hard to believe that he was the same age as his current seventh years when his daughter was born.

Chris went through a quick overview of things they had learned the class before. “So, to recap what we learned last class about legilimency: it is the act of magically navigating through the layers of one’s mind and correctly interpreting those findings. One does not just simply discover a person’s thoughts at that moment when they are using legilimency, but rather delving into past thoughts, emotions, and memories. It is possible to navigate one’s present thoughts as well, but that depends on the vulnerability of a person at a time and whether or not their thoughts are scattered, as they often can be at given moments.

“The two most important things to remember when trying to use legilimency: one, that eye contact is essential and, two, that total concentration is required. You guys, however, will not be required to use legilimency on your IMPs; you will have to use occlumency. Occlumency is the defense against legilimency, blocking off ones thoughts from a legilimens. Legilimency is considered “dark magic” because it breaches on ones privacy. Learning to use occlumency is how one protects their privacy.”

Chris began to pace the classroom of sixth-seventh years slowly, finding his thoughts flowly more freely if he was active. “You need to do the exact opposite actions for occluemcy when compared with legilimency. Instead of concentrating with all your might, you must clear your mind of all thought, of all emotion. Just simply wipe it blank. It sounds easy, but when under pressure it can be a very difficult thing. You don’t even need a wand to do it! However, the mind is an incredibly complex thing, and when it is being attacked by another, removing all that you are from your body is extremely difficult.”

Chris pulled out a folder on his desk with a few important files in it. “Now, in the classroom setting, it is illegal for me to perform legilimency on you without permission. Some of you have turned in your permission forms from the beginning of the year from your parents allowing for everything in the IMP curriculum to be taught to you, even if illegal magic would be done unto you (and all the examples of illegal magic that would be practiced on you are given). For those of you who are seventeen years of age, however, you did not need a permission slip and are able to make that decision for yourself.

“I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a superb legilimens, but I’m going to guess that none of you are great occlumens yet. However, when your skills do sharpen, I will invite better legilimens than myself in to the classroom to use legilimency against you. If you do not have permission or you yourself do not want to comply with today’s assignment, that’s fine by me—do an independent research. But just remember that learning occlumency is extremely important to the success of your IMP score and eventually to the future success of your career in the defensive field.”

Feeling like a total buzz-kill, Chris took a seat in his spiny black chair, scooted it out to sit in front of his desk, and pulled over an empty chair that belonged to a desk nearby in front of him. “I’ll give you guys a few minutes of silence to try and clear your minds, and when someone is ready they can come up to have their mind delved into. Have no fear about what I see; there is a confidentiality agreement that I have had to sign to before getting a license to use legilimency against you guys, and I kind of really need to not be in jail so I can support my family, so you can bet I will not take any risks.” Chris ran a hand though his hair, hoping that he had explained occlumency well enough. It was a subject that made him nervous, which may have been a reason why he wouldn’t have been a very good Magical Law Enforcement Patrol Cop. Then again, had things not worked out as they had, he may have easily been accepted into the Squad and his life would be much different today.

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