Professor Emilian de Villiers
Can you get your head up (4-5th years)
Sun Dec 1, 2013 13:58

Emilian de Villers entered his new(ish) class with a small smile playing on his face. Once the ex-Herbology Professor had found out Defense was open he was more than happy to change positions. Sure, his first love would always be plants but according to his university records he had a dual major in Herbology and Defense Against the Dark Arts. Of course, those records were false and Emilian really had majored in the Dark Arts, which funnily enough you learned a lot of Defense in those courses. Thankfully, they had only a few classes with Miles before Emilian had taken over. The one thing Emilian enjoyed about taking over Defense was that he had early classes but he was done for the day at noon.

As the students entered Emilian directed them to place their bags near his desk and stand against the wall. At exactly nine am Emilian shut the door to the Defense room, and like when he was the Herbology Professor the door was charmed so that anyone who tried to open it would have their name written upon the piece of charmed paper which would also announce when the student would serve their detention. Yet, unlike with Herbology the student could still enter. “Good morning, Students.” He said in his French accent as he walked in front of the students.

The classroom was completely empty where desks normally sat, instead there was fog covering the floor. Emilian smiled, the floor was covered in anti-gravity mist. “Today we will be testing how well you keep your head about you. The only way to complete the test is to keep yourself calm and perhaps work together.”

As soon as the students would step onto the mist they would be hung upside down. There were ropes suspended across the room that the students could pull themselves across the room. The thing was some were charmed to full body bind the child touching it. Once they were able to make it across the room they had to touch the wall where they would fall to the cushioned ground.

“You may use Finite Incantanem which you know is the counter curse to Petrificus Totalus and you may use the point me spell in case you get turned around. Besides that you may use nothing else besides each other to get to from this side of the room to the other side.” He smiled at them. They had worked with the two spells earlier in the week, now it was time to play around a bit. “Well get going!”

OOC: Hello fourth and fifth years! Remember all the rules, especially Godmodding and the length requirements! Be creative and use good grammar! If you need any help, tag E! Do not assume that anything goes tragically wrong, for Professor de Villiers will be there to supervise all actions! Have fun!

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