Arnold Bittleby (Cetus)
I probably don't taste very good
Fri Jan 3, 2014 22:00

ďHurry up, Emily! Donít be late!Ē Arnold yelled at his classmate as he rushed to Defense Against the Dark Arts. As usual, after Cultural Studies, Emily was socializing with someone that Arnold didnít really know. Though he was still sore at her for roping him in to the House Elf Initiative event against his will, he knew that Professor Emilian didnít take tardiness lightly. As the door slammed shut at exactly 10:58, Arnold knew that today would not have been a good day for rushing in at the last minute.

Professor Emilian procured a tiny green creature and set it on his desk. Though it was little, Arnold knew that being small didnít make creatures any less dangerous. In fact, sometimes appearing harmless could make something even more dangerous.

Oh good, Arnold thought. Just another creature thatíll probably kill us in our sleepÖ .

Erkling. Before Arnold could finish copying down the name in his sloppy handwriting, he suddenly felt strangely lightheaded. Laughter filled the air around him, and he couldnít tell if it was menacing or melodious.

ďCome play!Ē the voice cried. Shrugging his shoulders, Arnold dropped his quill and stood up from his desk. Who needed to learn anyways? This strange voice seemed to be more fun.

All at once Professor Emilianís voice pierced through the fog, sending Arnold crashing back down into his seat. He ran his fingers through his brown hair, trying to figure out exactly where he had been going. According to Emilian, the voice of the Erkling had the ability to captivate anyone under the age of twelve and lure them away from safety.

Oh, so he had just been about to wander to his death. No big deal, right? So not only would the Erkling kill him, it would do so without his realization before it was too late. This would be an interesting class. With a swish of his wand, Emilian moved all of the desks to the sides of the room, giving the Erkling ample feasting space. As the Erklingís cackle began to pull him under again, Arnold prayed for the competency of his classmates.

  • Come and get eaten! (1-3rd years)Professor E. de Villiers, Fri Jan 3 16:03
    Emilian de Villers sat at his desk running his hand down his left arm sighing. The scar Dru, had given him seemed to be burning his arm today. Damn that girl, good thing she was long dead, buried and ... more
    • Why can't I be left alone??Cara Amerina [Lyra], Sat Jan 4 22:37
      Cara ran through the door just as it started to close. Panting, she sat in her seat. She hoped that they wouldn't do anything too dangerous. Cara and danger was probably the worst combination... more
    • Well this should be interesting...Cora Procella [Aquila], Sat Jan 4 19:10
      As an average Aquila, Cora wasn't scared of much. But the one thing that terrified her was being out of control. She never wanted to be in a situation that she couldn't take control of, which was why ... more
      • Absolutely fascinating, I'm sureKejan Szyszko (Lyra), Wed Jan 8 22:51
        Bodily dragging her twin brother along, Kejan gave his elbow a final tug, ushering him through the doorway and thus managing to get both of them into the classroom precisely on time. Their procession ... more
        • Aren't all classes?Cora Procella [Aquila], Sun Jan 12 15:34
          "Oh. Sorry," Cora apologized once the girl told her how old she was. Wait a minute, Cora thought, by almost fourteen, wouldn't that make her thirteen and prove that I was right? Shaking the thought... more
    • Oi, you flaming pile of- [tag de Villier]Krystal Baitman [Aquila], Sat Jan 4 13:20
      The spot for Krystal's most disliked teacher had been a hard fought competition. She had gone in hostile and with the expectation of them all universally hating her, as well heaping homework on her... more
      • Well then! Professor E. de Villiers, Sat Jan 4 14:14
        Emilian saw the first year enter, and sit in the back of the room. A brave one, he thought. Then he realized who it was, Miss. Baitman. Usually, he would say something but since she didnít make any... more
        • And further more, you can take your wand and....Krystal Baitman [Aquila], Sat Jan 4 16:22
          If Krystal had stopped to think about it, she would have realised that de Villiers would not have taken kindly to her shouting across the room. However, she had been too angry to stop and think, and... more
          • And you can leaveProfessor E. de Villiers, Sun Jan 5 11:41
            Emilian smiled when the girl, loudly proclaimed she had a problem with how he ran his classroom. He was about to show her the door but Ned seemed to have other plans. Oh yes, if he could get away... more
            • With pleasureKrystal Baitman, Sat Jan 11 14:16
              Krystal wondered what game she might play with her new friend.... She liked things like tag, ones that involved lots of running around. She was quite a good runner, quite fast. She'd almost forgotten ... more
    • Welcome to death!Safire Hathaway [Lyra], Sat Jan 4 02:59
      Safire loved the class, it was always the funnest even if the teacher was a creep. Potions had been desterious, all year. All her other classes had been. Except for this one, this one had been the... more
    • I probably don't taste very good — Arnold Bittleby (Cetus), Fri Jan 3 22:00
      • Don't worry, you can be an appetizer.Beka Hiemer (Aquila), Sat Jan 4 13:42
        Beka had not had a very good couple of months. She continually struggled with her classes, mostly do to the fact that she was unwilling to sacrifice free-time to homework, had not made the Quidditch... more
        • Why thank youArnold, Fri Jan 10 22:36
          Arnold had paused momentarily on his trek to play with the Erkling. Though it sounded immensely fun, something in the back of his mind said that he didnít want to get any closer to it. The first year ... more
          • Your very welcome...Beka Hiemer, Sun Jan 12 13:58
            Beka Hiemer wasn't used to tripping over things. She was many things: talkative, inquisitive, adventurous, annoying, but clumsy was not yet added to the list. Which would be why it had been mildly... more
    • If you insist...Emily Wiggins, Fri Jan 3 21:12
      Drumming her fingers nervously on her desk, Emily observed Professor Emilian warily. He clearly wasnít in a good mood this morning, and promptly slammed the door shut well before eleven. The first... more
      • What are we supposed to be doing?Jesse Ramos, Fri Jan 10 21:10
        Jesse Ramos walked into Defense scouting for cute girls. Sure, Brielle was definitely interested but Jesse wasnít one to settle on the first girl. Plus, Brielle was on the team so it might be bad if... more
        • Getting eaten, of course!Emily, Fri Jan 10 22:21
          Emily Wiggins was having the most relaxing moment she could ever remember in Defense Against the Dark Arts. She wasnít concerned about her grades or her teacher; all she wanted to do was have fun... more
          • How about we don't do that?Jesse, Sat Jan 11 19:32
            Jesse, was surprised when Emily seemed to be happy to see him. They hadnít spoken much but they had worked together in a few different classes and he thought he hadnít made a good impression. She... more
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