Beka Hiemer (Aquila)
Don't worry, you can be an appetizer.
Sat Jan 4, 2014 13:42

Beka had not had a very good couple of months. She continually struggled with her classes, mostly do to the fact that she was unwilling to sacrifice free-time to homework, had not made the Quidditch team (though she was a reserve,) didn't go to the school dance, didn't have time to even try out for the school play, and had discovered that her mother was 'very disappointed with her little girl.' And, to the amazement of many, still managed a happy outlook on life. She began to study more, while her friends received a only slightly joking earful of complaints, got her grades up to high A's and low E's. She began planning pranks. She got her act together with stunning speed. She still had fun exploring and laughing with all her friends, and was becoming better at getting her homework done quickly, and spending time with friends. She wasn't a role model student, but if you win amazing charm and a fun and adventurous outlookm you loose some more polite ways. Overall, she was back.

For the most part. Currently, she had managed to make herself late for Defense against the Dark Arts...again. At least she got there on time to hear the teacher's speech. And hope that she wouldn't get detention. She had a feeling the Proffesor didn't really concern himself with students.

As Beka Hiemer turned her gaze to the little green things her eyes went wide. She loved Defense Against the Dark Arts. There were so many fascinating creatures. Big. Small. Fat. Thin. Little green (amazingly cute) things with pointed faces. That she was given permission to play with. At least, she was pretty sure that was what the teacher said. No matter what happened, Beka was still Beka, and listening to teachers was not her strong suite. 

There was just something fascinating with the was that it talked and laughed and moved. Wherever Beka's thoughts went otherwise: her friends, her family- they always ended up back at the creature. 

The Erkling it was called.

Before she knew it she was moving. What was class without a partner? There was the albino girl that Beka hadn't really talked to yet, but no, that was out of her way. There was Emily. That was a good choice, Beka genuinely liked Emily, she was one of her closest friends. But no, Emily was behind her. There should be no time wasted in approaching the Erkling. What a horrid name. It should be named something like Galaxy. Or Quest, but Beka liked Galaxy more. 

There was a boy right in front of her, which Beka vaguely thought of in relation to Emily. She was pretty sure his name was Arnold. He was the best choice. 

Beka started ahead and grabbed his hand and pulled him along behind her. "Come on," she said, "Why aren't you going up to him, he looks like he might be fun to play with." She gave a short laugh and asked, "Can you imagine playing Quidditch with him?" She continued to drag the boy along.

  • I probably don't taste very goodArnold Bittleby (Cetus), Fri Jan 3 22:00
    “Hurry up, Emily! Don’t be late!” Arnold yelled at his classmate as he rushed to Defense Against the Dark Arts. As usual, after Cultural Studies, Emily was socializing with someone that Arnold didn’t ... more
    • Don't worry, you can be an appetizer. — Beka Hiemer (Aquila), Sat Jan 4 13:42
      • Why thank youArnold, Fri Jan 10 22:36
        Arnold had paused momentarily on his trek to play with the Erkling. Though it sounded immensely fun, something in the back of his mind said that he didn’t want to get any closer to it. The first year ... more
        • Your very welcome...Beka Hiemer, Sun Jan 12 13:58
          Beka Hiemer wasn't used to tripping over things. She was many things: talkative, inquisitive, adventurous, annoying, but clumsy was not yet added to the list. Which would be why it had been mildly... more
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