Professor E. de Villiers
Well then!
Sat Jan 4, 2014 14:14

Emilian saw the first year enter, and sit in the back of the room. A brave one, he thought. Then he realized who it was, Miss. Baitman. Usually, he would say something but since she didn’t make any noise and sat in the back Emilian choose to leave her be, happy to continue on with the lesson. He really did enjoy the Erkling, Emilian had named it Ned. Ned usually gave him good information when children weren’t around. If a child was in the estate the damn Ned would just laugh, and laugh. Since, he had brought Ned to RMI two days ago he hadn’t stopped laughing. Not that Emilian had heard him laughing, he had slapped Ned with a silencing charm and just taken it off before class.

When he had set the class to work, and was sitting next to Ned who was looking happily around at the children as he rubbed his hands together, giddy at all the yummy children milling around in the room. Emilian’s head snapped up when he heard the child with her grubby British Accent hollered. “Oi “I weren't late!”

‘Foolish child. Emilian thought as he arched a brow, and waved his hand towards her. Thankfully, the dimwitted child knew exactly what he wanted her to do but she did it with bit of an attitude. She stomped over just close enough for Emilian to lean towards her, so she would be able to hear him speak.

In a very quiet voice he said in his deep French accented voice, “Miss. Baitman, do you have an issue with how I run my classroom?” He grabbed his grade book and flipped to the page he had her grades on. “Not like your grade doesn’t need the extra time in class,your homework is usually missing and when it is handed in it is not done correctly. So, congratulate yourself Miss. Baitman you have earned yourself detentions every Monday and Thursday night until Midterm for your outburst.”

  • Oi, you flaming pile of- [tag de Villier]Krystal Baitman [Aquila], Sat Jan 4 13:20
    The spot for Krystal's most disliked teacher had been a hard fought competition. She had gone in hostile and with the expectation of them all universally hating her, as well heaping homework on her... more
    • Well then! — Professor E. de Villiers, Sat Jan 4 14:14
      • And further more, you can take your wand and....Krystal Baitman [Aquila], Sat Jan 4 16:22
        If Krystal had stopped to think about it, she would have realised that de Villiers would not have taken kindly to her shouting across the room. However, she had been too angry to stop and think, and... more
        • And you can leaveProfessor E. de Villiers, Sun Jan 5 11:41
          Emilian smiled when the girl, loudly proclaimed she had a problem with how he ran his classroom. He was about to show her the door but Ned seemed to have other plans. Oh yes, if he could get away... more
          • With pleasureKrystal Baitman, Sat Jan 11 14:16
            Krystal wondered what game she might play with her new friend.... She liked things like tag, ones that involved lots of running around. She was quite a good runner, quite fast. She'd almost forgotten ... more
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