Krystal Baitman [Aquila]
And further more, you can take your wand and....
Sat Jan 4, 2014 16:22

If Krystal had stopped to think about it, she would have realised that de Villiers would not have taken kindly to her shouting across the room. However, she had been too angry to stop and think, and in her opinion, he deserved to be addressed like that for being a - prickles still rose on the back of her neck though as he beckoned her over. She stopped just short of his arm's reach. Perhaps a little illogical in terms of a sense of self-preservation when he was armed with a wand but it was... ingrained.

She was about to respond to his question when he carried on, trashing her performance in class and awarding her further detentions. This extra time gave her a chance to bite back the angry response on the tip of her tongue but, having been freed to speak, she didn't find she much cared for mincing her words.

“Yeah I've got a problem with it!” she exclaimed heatedly, not troubling to keep her voice down. If he was going to mess with the rules she wasn't going down without a fight. She knew she wouldn't win. He would have her in detention from here to eternity but at least people would know her side of it. “I weren't late and-” behind her the Erking laughed and she lost her train of thought. But it was still irritating and alien more than anything and her anger over-rode it. She shook it off. “And you've give me detention anyway!” she pointed out, loudly enough for the surrounding students to hear. She wanted to yell at him that he couldn't do that but the trouble was she knew he could. Adults could do whatever they liked – push you about, wield their petty, stupid sense of power over you and usually did, just cos you were a kid and couldn't do anything about it.

“That isn't fair!” she cried out. She knew that held about as much weight as telling him what he could and couldn't do but the difference was that this was true. Whilst he could do as he pleased it didn't mean he was in the right, and besides which, she just couldn't help it. She hated him enough for punishing her when she was late but this time she'd done the right thing and he was still treating her like a bit of dirt. Her blood boiled. “You-” but quite what she thought of him was never voiced for just then a sweet little voice called out from behind her.

“Ignore him,” it said, “Ignore him and come play...”

That was a tempting thought... The thought of pretending de Villier just wasn't there and didn't matter. It made sense. And, in her complete powerless against him, Krystal probably felt the closest she was likely to to child-like. She felt aware of adults' ability to put her down just and do as they liked just because of her age. Yes, going to play sounded like a very good idea, and she began to turn away from the Professor...

  • Well then! Professor E. de Villiers, Sat Jan 4 14:14
    Emilian saw the first year enter, and sit in the back of the room. A brave one, he thought. Then he realized who it was, Miss. Baitman. Usually, he would say something but since she didn’t make any... more
    • And further more, you can take your wand and.... — Krystal Baitman [Aquila], Sat Jan 4 16:22
      • And you can leaveProfessor E. de Villiers, Sun Jan 5 11:41
        Emilian smiled when the girl, loudly proclaimed she had a problem with how he ran his classroom. He was about to show her the door but Ned seemed to have other plans. Oh yes, if he could get away... more
        • With pleasureKrystal Baitman, Sat Jan 11 14:16
          Krystal wondered what game she might play with her new friend.... She liked things like tag, ones that involved lots of running around. She was quite a good runner, quite fast. She'd almost forgotten ... more
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