Kejan Szyszko (Lyra)
Absolutely fascinating, I'm sure
Wed Jan 8, 2014 22:51

Bodily dragging her twin brother along, Kejan gave his elbow a final tug, ushering him through the doorway and thus managing to get both of them into the classroom precisely on time. Their procession down the hallway had probably looked a bit strange, with the tall and slim blonde liberally forcing the bulkier boy to keep pace behind her, yet although Kejan was light-footed, she hadn’t spent the majority of her life under a rigorous training regimens for nothing. The wiry muscle that had built up from her years of dancing wasn’t nearly as visible to the eye as Kašpar’s stout Quidditch frame but it still served her well when it came to pushing him around. “Zhat ees zhe second time I ‘ave saved you zhis month alone,” she hissed to him, glancing at the sheet of paper that listed off detentions, which her brother ended up with his name on more often than not. “You ‘ave to stop falling asleep between classes or else you vill fail zhe exams!”

She shoved Kašpar towards an empty desk, including an extra whack on his shoulder as he grinned at her, clearly unimpressed with her threat of failing exams, and placed her bookbag on the desk beside his. Folding her skirts neatly across her lap as she settled into the chair, her hazel eyes turned up briefly to observe the professor before returning to the bag in front of her and beginning to retrieve her textbook and notes from it. Professor de Villiers was easily one of her favourite professors. He was strict enough to be taken seriously and creative enough to keep his classes interesting - not that “interesting” really mattered, in her opinion, as the classes’ information was useful to her regardless of its appeal, but she still appreciated his efforts to keep them interested. And, of course, he was not only from a respectable family but also acted appropriately. Prior to attending RMI, Kejan had never met so many Purebloods who trotted around in their Muggle attires preaching Muggle unions, and it was relaxing that there were some around who still seemed to hold the proper ideals.

Crisp notes filled the page under her hand as Professor de Villiers lectured, the odd misspelling slipping through the English words, and it came as a slight relief to the Belarusian witch when there was a moment’s pause before their activity for the day. She always took advantage of the pauses in this class and every class, quickly identifying any complicated areas in her notes and translating them into her native tongue for easier comprehension and in this case adding a small sketch to the top left-hand corner. A few strokes of her quill marked the Erkling’s pointed features before the quill was set aside, fingers lifting the notebook to blow the ink dry, tucking all her things back into their organized sections of her bag and finally rising to her feet.

Something that was almost a smile lingered on the blonde’s face as her eyes followed Kašpar, bounding off to presumably cause chaos in his usual misguided attempts at classwork. She had half a mind to follow him but there was already a first-year approaching her. “Thirteen? I vill ‘ave you know I am almost fourteen,” she stressed, looking over the younger girl in a mildly superior manner. This wasn’t exactly true, as her birthday was in February, but what the first-year girl didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her. Better she think that Kejan was older and treat her with respect than lump her in with the rest of these pesky Beginners students. Frankly, Kejan had nothing against the thought of letting them all be eaten by the Erkling. She wasn’t fond of those in her Beginners class… well, she wasn’t fond of any other students, truth be told, but the younger ones were especially irksome to work with and she was impatient to get away from them into the more advanced class groupings. Drawing her wand, she pointed it at the first-year. “Purgo. Did zhat make any difference?”

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    • Absolutely fascinating, I'm sure — Kejan Szyszko (Lyra), Wed Jan 8 22:51
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