Jesse Ramos
What are we supposed to be doing?
Fri Jan 10, 2014 21:10

Jesse Ramos walked into Defense scouting for cute girls. Sure, Brielle was definitely interested but Jesse wasn’t one to settle on the first girl. Plus, Brielle was on the team so it might be bad if they dated. He’d give her a bit and see if any of the other girls seemed interested. He flopped down in a chair, making sure his black jeans were clean. He watched with mild curiosity as Professor de Villers brought out an Erkling. Jesse knew what they were but had never seen one before.

Jesse’s mind wandered as he looked around at the girls in the class. Emily Wiggins was cute, Safire seemed a bit off, Krystal was awesome he could see the two of them being friends. He hadn’t interacted much with Beka but was happy to see that Brielle had made the team and she hadn’t. Kejan, the girl in his year was pretty and her accent was adorable. Jesse could listen to her all day. Plus, her brother was his Quidditch bro, and that’s all that mattered.

The third year boy was surprised when everyone stood up, he figured that the Professor had told them to do some work. He glanced around the room and didn’t see Brielle and Kejan was busy who Jesse made his way over to Emily. “Heya, cutie.” he said with a smirk on his face. “What are we supposed to be doing?”

  • If you insist...Emily Wiggins, Fri Jan 3 21:12
    Drumming her fingers nervously on her desk, Emily observed Professor Emilian warily. He clearly wasn’t in a good mood this morning, and promptly slammed the door shut well before eleven. The first... more
    • What are we supposed to be doing? — Jesse Ramos, Fri Jan 10 21:10
      • Getting eaten, of course!Emily, Fri Jan 10 22:21
        Emily Wiggins was having the most relaxing moment she could ever remember in Defense Against the Dark Arts. She wasn’t concerned about her grades or her teacher; all she wanted to do was have fun... more
        • How about we don't do that?Jesse, Sat Jan 11 19:32
          Jesse, was surprised when Emily seemed to be happy to see him. They hadn’t spoken much but they had worked together in a few different classes and he thought he hadn’t made a good impression. She... more
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