Getting eaten, of course!
Fri Jan 10, 2014 22:21

Emily Wiggins was having the most relaxing moment she could ever remember in Defense Against the Dark Arts. She wasn’t concerned about her grades or her teacher; all she wanted to do was have fun with the voice that was calling to her to come play. As Emily floated closer to her desires, another voice drifted into her consciousness, momentarily distracting her.

“Heya, cutie. What are we supposed to be doing?”

The brown haired girl tilted her head quizzically, studying the form in front of her. The mysterious voice was making her thoughts fuzzy and she was finding it difficult to focus on her surroundings. After a moment more of scrutiny, Emily’s face broke into a wide grin. It was Jesse Ramos who was talking to her! She remembered Jesse in relation to Quidditch, and she liked Quidditch, so that must mean she liked Jesse as well. Still fuzzy from the charm of the magical voice, Emily’s words came out louder than she intended to.

“Jesse! Hi!” she gushed. Again, she paused for a moment to try and remember her situation. What were they supposed to be doing again? Oh, that’s right! They were supposed to be having fun. She silently thanked her mysterious voice for reminding her.

“We’re supposed to go play with the magic voice! Can’t you hear it? Come on!” Blue eyes sparkling, Emily grabbed Jesse’s arm and began pulling him in the direction that the voice was coming from.

  • What are we supposed to be doing?Jesse Ramos, Fri Jan 10 21:10
    Jesse Ramos walked into Defense scouting for cute girls. Sure, Brielle was definitely interested but Jesse wasn’t one to settle on the first girl. Plus, Brielle was on the team so it might be bad if... more
    • Getting eaten, of course! — Emily, Fri Jan 10 22:21
      • How about we don't do that?Jesse, Sat Jan 11 19:32
        Jesse, was surprised when Emily seemed to be happy to see him. They hadn’t spoken much but they had worked together in a few different classes and he thought he hadn’t made a good impression. She... more
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