Why thank you
Fri Jan 10, 2014 22:36

Arnold had paused momentarily on his trek to play with the Erkling. Though it sounded immensely fun, something in the back of his mind said that he didn’t want to get any closer to it. The first year had never been one to dive in headfirst without proper thought, so he decided to take a moment to try and organize the situation. Before he could think too much, however, another obstacle barreled itself into him, talking a mile a minute.

The new obstacle was a girl he knew to be Beka Heimer, one of Emily’s best friends. Like Emily, Beka seemed to be loud and bold, and didn’t seem to have any reserves about approaching the Erkling. As she drug him by the hand towards the small green creature, she bombarded him with questions. He couldn’t answer the first one. Why wasn’t he going up to the Erkling? He did sound like fun, but the closer they got, the more menacing he seemed. Perhaps this wasn’t the best idea.

"Can you imagine playing Quidditch with him?" Beka asked with a laugh. This question distracted Arnold enough that he stopped resisting the girl’s efforts and let himself follow her lead. He loved Quidditch; maybe the Erkling would let him chase him around like a Snitch or something.

“Yeah,” Arnold replied dreamily, head fuzzy from Beka’s chatter and the calls of the Erkling. “Quidditch would be nice… Maybe the Erkling is nice and won’t actually eat us…” Arnold paused abruptly. Eaten? Where had that come from? The Erkling wasn’t going to eat them… right? With a shrug of his shoulders, he continued to follow his new partner.

  • Don't worry, you can be an appetizer.Beka Hiemer (Aquila), Sat Jan 4 13:42
    Beka had not had a very good couple of months. She continually struggled with her classes, mostly do to the fact that she was unwilling to sacrifice free-time to homework, had not made the Quidditch... more
    • Why thank you — Arnold, Fri Jan 10 22:36
      • Your very welcome...Beka Hiemer, Sun Jan 12 13:58
        Beka Hiemer wasn't used to tripping over things. She was many things: talkative, inquisitive, adventurous, annoying, but clumsy was not yet added to the list. Which would be why it had been mildly... more
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