How about we don't do that?
Sat Jan 11, 2014 19:32

Jesse, was surprised when Emily seemed to be happy to see him. They hadn’t spoken much but they had worked together in a few different classes and he thought he hadn’t made a good impression. She seemed to think for a moment when she said they were supposed to play with the magic voice.

Jesse cocked his head to the side and looked at the girl as she tried to pull him towards the Erkling. That’s when Jesse stopped. Papa had told him a hundred times that he was to protect the younger children evil things like Erklings tried to pull his sisters away. The Cuban boy stepped in front of her. “Naw, cutie. That thing is pretty bad.” He then took her shoulders and looked around. He then began to hopefully guide her to the back of the room.

“See, that thing is going to eat you, and I can’t let that happen to a pretty girl like you.” Jesse said as he pulled out his wand. He was trying to listen to older students to see if the Professor had given them a spell to keep the younger kids safe.

If worse came to worse Jesse would immobilize Emily, and any of the other kids who were about to get eaten. Jesse, sighed as he held his wand out towards Emily, praying to over hear an older student say the actual magic words to make her safe.

  • Getting eaten, of course!Emily, Fri Jan 10 22:21
    Emily Wiggins was having the most relaxing moment she could ever remember in Defense Against the Dark Arts. She wasn’t concerned about her grades or her teacher; all she wanted to do was have fun... more
    • How about we don't do that? — Jesse, Sat Jan 11 19:32
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