Beka Hiemer
Your very welcome...
Sun Jan 12, 2014 13:58

Beka Hiemer wasn't used to tripping over things. She was many things: talkative, inquisitive, adventurous, annoying, but clumsy was not yet added to the list. Which would be why it had been mildly embarrasing to trip during Defense Against the Dark Arts class, whether she had been under the Erkling's spell or not. At least the fact that she was under the Erklings spell made a good excuse that halted partly her embarrasement.

She was in Proffesor Villiers classroom when the incident occured, and as she had not only been going toward the Erkling (which ate children) when it happened, but dragging a boy named Arnold along with her, she no longer thought of him as even a competent teacher. The fact that he had sent her friend Krystal Baitman out the door for pointing out that she had done nothing wrong didn't help either. Even if Krystal had done it loudly and violently. It hadn't exactly been her fault: it was Proffesor Villiers who had thought bringing a mind-muddling Erkling into the classroom was a good idea.†

Beka didn't fear much. She wasn't afraid of hieghts. She wasn't afraid of the dark. She wasn't afraid of spiders. No, Beka's fears took a much more psychological viewpoint. She was afraid of putting her friends in danger with one of her crazy schemes. She was afraid of not being close to her family. And, she was afraid of being out of control. Which was why when she had tripped in her hurry to get to the Erkling and found herself sprawled on the floor she had been afraid. And she wasn't happy about it.

Though she had managed to let go of Arnold's hand when she tripped over the completely flat surface, which really took talent, she had remembered that no, going over to a creature who's sole purpose was to try and eat you was NOT a good idea, so she reached out to grab his ankle and stop his continued progress. Hopefully watching your friend's friend trip and fall would snap him out of your reverie, but she didn't want to take any chances.

"Come and play!"

Beka felt a now familiar tug in the gut. She wanted to go over to the Erkling, and she wanted to do so badly. But this time, instead of being taken completely by surprise she was ready, and she fought it. She fought it with all her might.

But Beka wore her emotions on her sleeve. If she was angry she would let you know. If†
she was sad she would let you know. If she was happy, disgusted, or surprised she would let you know. If you knew how to manipulate emotions, then she was an easy target. Her will was slipping away. She let go of Arnold's ankle.

Her last thought before trying to get to the Erkling again was praying for Arnold to be more adept then she herself was.

  • Why thank youArnold, Fri Jan 10 22:36
    Arnold had paused momentarily on his trek to play with the Erkling. Though it sounded immensely fun, something in the back of his mind said that he didnít want to get any closer to it. The first year ... more
    • Your very welcome... — Beka Hiemer, Sun Jan 12 13:58
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