Cora Procella [Aquila]
Aren't all classes?
Sun Jan 12, 2014 15:34

"Oh. Sorry," Cora apologized once the girl told her how old she was. Wait a minute, Cora thought, by almost fourteen, wouldn't that make her thirteen and prove that I was right? Shaking the thought out of her head, she looked up towards the almost-fourteen-year-old, intending to ask her name. But before she could get to it, she felt an odd tug at the pit of her stomach, telling her to look towards the front of the classroom--towards the Erkling. Although Cora's mind told her this was a bad idea, her heart wanted her to look, to approach, to hug the poor creature. The poor thing must just be understood. All it wants to do is to play, and all the adults (who are too old for playing) believe it is just trying to lure the kids. And the kids that died were not necessarily killed by the Erkling itself, were they? Kids were stupid... they could have easily died some other way.

"Purgo," the older girl cast.

Cora looked up and realized what had happened. She had been under the spell, just as her teacher had warned. How could this happen to her? She was a careful girl and she always thought things through. She thought that she would be able to resist the creature.. but obviously not. Cora remembered something her dad had told her once, 'If you have to keep making excuses to believe something, it must not be true.' She knew it applied to the one time they had been out biking on a trail in the woods and Cora got lost, making up reasons as she went why she was going the right way. But she hadn't realized it applied to real life--and the magical world--until now.

"Thank you," Cora responded to the older girl's question, "that helped a lot," she finished, relief evident in her deep brown eyes.

"But what is your name?" She asked, wanting to know at least something about the girl before the Erkling caught her mind again.

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    • Aren't all classes? — Cora Procella [Aquila], Sun Jan 12 15:34
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