Bessie Mae Cavanaugh [Aquila]
I’ve been waiting for this!
Wed Jan 29, 2014 16:21

Last semester, Bessie Mae had felt like something was missing from Defense Against the Dark Arts. Controlling Erklings was all well and good, but in the real world, you were way more likely to go up against another wizard than a German child-snatching creature. What they needed was real experience going against other students, where they could use whatever spells they wanted and get better at offensive and defensive magic.

Professor de Villiers must’ve had the same thought—or he was an amazing Legilimens and had read her mind. Either way, Bessie Mae was thrilled to head to the Defense classroom at the appointed time. She was dressed down slightly, wanting clothes that offered a wider range of movement than her usual skirts and dresses. Under her silver robes (which she was sure they would take off for dueling) she wore black slacks and a gray shirt with three-quarter-lengths sleeves. A pearl-embroidered headband that had been one of her Christmas presents held her wavy hair back.

The unfortunate thing about a dueling club when you were a first year was that everyone on your level knew all the same spells as you. Bessie Mae had a few extra tricks up her sleeve—nothing fancy, but she’d been reading her textbook and had tried some of the jinxes and hexes they hadn’t covered yet. Of course she hadn’t practiced on anyone, so she had no idea if her spells would work on a person. Her wand motion and pronunciation were immaculate, as always, and they’d produced the right color light, so she could only hope.

The brunette wasted no time when Professor de Villiers gave permission to start. She tipped a curtsey at the nearest student who was close to her age. “Up for the next duel?” she asked, flashing a white smile. Another pair had already started, and having the chance to observe was valuable. This could be fun.

  • Dueling Club (All years)Professor Emilian de Villers, Tue Jan 28 15:42
    Emilian de Villers sat happily at his desk staring at his transformed room. There were no desks, nor chairs. Just what the Muggles called wrestling pads. There were plenty of bottles of water on his... more
    • I'm Ready!Meci Bandipudi , Sat Feb 8 15:40
      Meci was leisurely walking down the halls when she came across an open door. Curios, she walked inside, only to find that it was a dueling club “Hmm. This should be interesting,” she thought to... more
      • Are you sure?Rosemary Stark, Fri Mar 7 11:25
        The shy Lyra didn’t even know why she was there, why she was at the duling club. Did she want to fight? No. Did she want to hurt someone? No. She glanced at the door nervously, waiting until she... more
    • Right in my comfort zone.Finn Dubois (Draco), Thu Jan 30 05:59
      Serafina Dubois entered the classroom already smiling, full lips turning up further at the sight of cleared floors and padded mats. ‘Now this is a club I can really get behind!’ Her former... more
      • That makes one of us.Anjali Soren, Mon Feb 17 23:32
        Anjali Soren poked her head into the DADA classroom, muttering under her breath. She hadn't honestly considered coming. But when Anjali sent a letter home mentioning Dueling Club, her bratty kid... more
    • I’ve been waiting for this! — Bessie Mae Cavanaugh [Aquila], Wed Jan 29 16:21
      • I haven't been waiting, but I'm excited!Beka Hiemer, Wed Jan 29 19:03
        Beka wasn't really planning to do much at the dueling club. Sure, as she ascended through the years at RMI she would probably participate more and more. She as a first year, however, had treasured... more
        • Let’s get ready to rumbleBessie Mae, Fri Feb 14 18:32
          “Bessie Mae Cavanaugh,” she said, offering a hand for Beka to shake. Bessie Mae filed her handshake as one of her special skills—along with mathematics, arguing, and horseback riding. She always kept ... more
    • Taking a crack!Carrick Pendergast, Tue Jan 28 18:49
      Carrick had always wanted there to be a dueling club, he loved going to see the dueling competitions in Ireland with his Da. Taryn had dueled with him many times. Carrick especially liked dueling... more
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