Beka Hiemer
I haven't been waiting, but I'm excited!
Wed Jan 29, 2014 19:03

Beka wasn't really planning to do much at the dueling club. Sure, as she ascended through the years at RMI she would probably participate more and more. She as a first year, however, had treasured the practical lessons that had been alowed close to her heart. Most of the time they were learning about Garrow Greybeard of the Goblin Wars who was killed during peaceful negotiations and other such history rubbish that wouldn't get you anywhere in life. She had been interested to see if older years were actually able to learn anything useful. And fun.

As she watched a couple of older students gracefully weaving throughout the ring her spirits rose. They were doing spells that she had only read about, much of the time only in historical fiction books. (Magical historical fiction was much more intriguing than muggle historical fiction.) Her eyes followed them adamantly until Proffesor de Villiers anounced the winner and the next group of younger students moved onto the ring.

Proffesor de Villiars didn't strike Beka as particularly...nice. He was a competent enough teacher, though it was a little rich of him to tell them to stay out of trouble and then put them in a room with dangerous dark creatures. Or eagerly dueling students. Beka didn't particularly fancy staying out of trouble anyway. It took all the fun out of basically everything. Still, throwing one of her best friends out of the classroom for a little (maybe a bit more) cheek was not the ideal way to get into Beka Hiemer's good book.

Beka's personality was reflected in everything she did. Her wild brown hair that she hadn't dragged a comb through in two weeks (a world class record) was loose around her shoulders, and her casual style of dress and sweaty face showed how much she just didn't give a damn about what you thought of her. She was adventurous, fun-loving, talketive, and at times astonishingly rude. She got average grades in her classes: not bad, but not particularly good either and was extremely headstrong and stubborn.

If somebody was going to challenge her to a duel she wasn't going to say no.

The girl looked like one of Beka's friend's friends. Maybe Cora's? Krystal's? She didn't really know. Whatever the case Beka remembered seeing her around the Aquila common room, so she probably had something similar to Beka. Beka grinned at her. "Yea, sure! I'm Beka."

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    • I haven't been waiting, but I'm excited! — Beka Hiemer, Wed Jan 29 19:03
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