Finn Dubois (Draco)
Right in my comfort zone.
Thu Jan 30, 2014 05:59

Serafina Dubois entered the classroom already smiling, full lips turning up further at the sight of cleared floors and padded mats. ‘Now this is a club I can really get behind!’ Her former “favourite” club, the HEI, was nothing in comparison to the eagerness with which she had signed up for this - and she sent a private, apologetic thought towards Aoife, but really, it was totally true; in her opinion it was high time that the school acquired a duelling club. It was even better that the club was being run by de Villiers. Having been a relative outcast among family and peers alike, she’d never had the opportunity to actually attend any of his duels, but she lived in France for most of her childhood and the championship titles he listed on the board were immediately remembered, bringing to mind news articles and excited conversations overheard from the Pureblooded population at Beauxbatons. Merlin, they were going to be trained in duelling by him, France’s Champion; that was so awesome.

‘And Alys is gonna be so jealous,’ she added to herself with a smirk. Her friend at home wasn’t exactly the best with casting spells, but she was without a doubt the master of pop culture and celebrities and everything newsworthy, and in their magic-obsessed French world, duelling champions were definitely celebrities. Alys had been jealous enough when she heard that the man was teaching at Finn’s school; now that he had moved away from Herbology and onto what was obviously his main topic of interest, well, she could already imagine the way her friend would flip over that piece of information.

Pouting slightly at the professor’s instruction that only sixth- and seventh-years could attempt the more advanced forms of magic (admittedly, her own silent magic still needed work, but she’d managed to cast a simple mute Stunner the other day and it was vaguely irksome that she wouldn’t have the chance to use that in front of de Villiers until next year), Finn began to prepare herself for the upcoming duel, stripping off her school robes to expose sweatpants and a plain cotton tank and flopping onto the floor for some warm-up stretches. Her duels in the past had been predominantly surprises, a jinx thrown her way unexpectedly that demanded retribution, but even Quidditch had since proved to her the value of comfortable clothing. Having that added bit of flexibility was something that could change the balance of an otherwise unfair match. Or perhaps even a fair match… which she couldn’t say she had much experience with. Even today’s was still, in essence, unfair. She expected that most of the students here hadn’t found themselves in a more “real” duel before, which made her feel a bit weird going up against them (though not so weird as to bail out, of course).

This wasn’t the first duel that the redheaded witch had had. Ever since that first little pounce Daphne’s posse had taken on her back at Beaux, she had been teaching herself to fight, wands clashing in the darkened catacombs and brightly-lit upper halls alike behind the backs of their professors, sparks flying from underneath the moon’s eye that pierced the foliaged ceiling of forest growth, and over those days of endless practice she developed an uncanny precision with her wandwork. There’d been little need so far to make use of her acquired skills at RMI, but she still never felt quite so comfortable as when she had her wand drawn… and it certainly didn’t hurt that she was practically two years older than the rest of her yearmates. Finn had opted to stay at school over Midterm and one day she took the opportunity to hop a bus on Pearl Street, where she found a larger public library in one of the nearby magical centres of Colorado and made the pleasant discovery that passing her seventeenth birthday had given her access to all sorts of previously-restricted sections. She wasn’t the biggest fan of bookreading but she couldn’t deny its usefulness.

Finishing up with her stretches, feeling that relaxing tingle of lingering strain along her arms and legs, she glanced over curiously to watch the pair currently in the dueling ring. Heh, she couldn’t wait to have a go at it herself; her fingers were itching to get started. Before she could pick up her wand, though, she had to get this proper mane out of her eyes. It took a moment for her to wrestle her thick, bushy hair back into some semblance of a ponytail, but once that was completed, she stood up again, wand in hand, and surveyed the room for someone else who seemed to be by themselves. “Hey, hun,” she addressed them once a proper victim partner had been identified. “Want to go a round together?”

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    • Right in my comfort zone. — Finn Dubois (Draco), Thu Jan 30 05:59
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