Professor Emilian de Villers
Let's duplicate!
Wed Feb 12, 2014 14:31

Emilian de Villers didn’t stand by his door like he did for the Beginners and Intermediates with his Advanced class he let them know up front, if they showed up to classes they would be treated with respect and allowed to be late. He saw the sixth and seventh years not as equals but as soon to be adults and in their last terms at RMI they should know how adults were supposed to act. Being late, or skipping classes all together would result in a lower grade, but he at least didn’t slap them with detentions.

Therefore when his smaller class of advanced students entered the Professor was happily giving out Trolls to the younger student’s essays on proper wand care. He smiled up at the semi-adults entering the room and he looked at the time. He waved his wand and his papers split into two piles, graded and ungraded.

“Good morning students.” He said as the clock turned to ten and his door shut but didn’t lock, and the magical paper that was usually there for the younger students was missing. “Today we will be practicing the Gemino Curse.”

“As you should know this curse is also known as the Doubling charm it is a good way to keep thieves from nicking your treasures as only the caster can stop the multiplication of objects.” He picked up a golden cup. “See I can handle this cup but say I do this!” he tossed the cup into the small class and someone reflectively caught it. Before the other person’s hand was even fully over the cup an exact copy popped out into the crowd.

Emilian laughed and walked over. He took both copies in his hands and set them on his desk. “So remember to pronounce it juh-MIN-ee-oh and just as you hit that ee-oh flick your wrist at the object like so!” And he casted the charm on his desk. The desk glowed green and it was ready.

“Also for until you get the charm down please remember to keep your intentions to just create a copy of whatever you brought with you. Once we’ve mastered the charm we’ll move on to using it was a deterrent to theft.”

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