Bessie Mae
Let’s get ready to rumble
Fri Feb 14, 2014 18:32

“Bessie Mae Cavanaugh,” she said, offering a hand for Beka to shake. Bessie Mae filed her handshake as one of her special skills—along with mathematics, arguing, and horseback riding. She always kept a firm wrist and a strong grasp. When he’d showed her how to shake hands, Pa said a good handshake was the first step to a good first impression. Bessie Mae liked to make a good first impression.

Her first spell for this duel, she thought, was important too. She didn’t much care about her schoolmates, but she wanted to make a good impression with Professor de Villiers. Of course he’d seen her impeccable homework and techniques in class, but this was her first real duel. This was, of course, why she’d wanted an opponent about her age. With Beka, she seemed equally matched, give or take—Bessie Mae didn’t observe other students in class, preferring to focus on her own work. Anyone remarkable enough to notice would pop up on her radar sooner or later.

Now—to start with something flashy, or save the cooler spells for later? At eleven years old, Bessie Mae’s arsenal only comprised the spells they had learned in class and three or four she’d learned on her own. She definitely wanted to use some of those; after all, Professor de Villiers already knew she could do the spells he had gone over. But she didn’t want the duel to end right away… so I’ll start small, but with something sort of impressive.

Bessie Mae stepped eagerly into the center of the room when the first pair of duelists had left, assuming Beka would take her position opposite her. The brunette bowed, wand held before her in the traditional start-of-a-duel pose. When she and Beka had both straightened, Bessie Mae cast. “Tarentellagra!

  • I haven't been waiting, but I'm excited!Beka Hiemer, Wed Jan 29 19:03
    Beka wasn't really planning to do much at the dueling club. Sure, as she ascended through the years at RMI she would probably participate more and more. She as a first year, however, had treasured... more
    • Let’s get ready to rumble — Bessie Mae, Fri Feb 14 18:32
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