Anjali Soren
That makes one of us.
Mon Feb 17, 2014 23:32

Anjali Soren poked her head into the DADA classroom, muttering under her breath. She hadn't honestly considered coming. But when Anjali sent a letter home mentioning Dueling Club, her bratty kid sister mailed her a Howler (How did Jetta find out how to make a Howler? Anjali didn't even know that.), screaming "JOIN THE DUELING CLUB, ANJ. JOIN IT. YOU ARE A LILY-LIVERED LETTUCE HEAD WHO NEEDS TO LEARN TO MAN UP. MAN UP, WOMAN. YOU NEED IT. I NEED IT. WE ALL MOTHERFRANKING NEED IT. DO IT. I'LL KNOW IF YOU DON'T."

And Jetta would know. Because she was a genius child. And Anjali did suppose she needed to "man up" as Jetta so rudely put it. She was hanging out with Muggles again no doubt. Anjali wouldn't snitch, but Mother would find inevitably find out, and all hell would break loose. Jetta would be coming to RMI next year, so she needed to learn to comport herself like a young lady of her social bearing now more than ever. Anjali smiled at the irony of her thought process as she lifted her be-legginged calves over her head.(Muggle clothing?! Skin-tight Muggle clothing?!?! Say it isn't so!) Her mother wouldn't gasp to see her now; she was a woman who had seen far stranger things. But her aunts and uncles would.

After her body felt as loose and wibbly as a plate of that delicious Muggle "Jello", Anjali pulled out her wand. It was long, dark, and extraordinarily bendy, just like her. She brushed a something powdery off of it and wondered where she had left her wand maintenance kit. She needed it. Anjali tried a Knockback Jinx at the floor, pleased when the red-violet made an indent on the safety mat. It was basic, but still. She did a quick Seize and Pull, cursing herself when her annoyingly sticky-outy chin bumped into the wall. As she rubbed her chin angrily, an older girl with a predatory smile, spoke to her.

"I guess - Ah, Merlin, oww." Was this chin going to be a problem? Anjali smiled apologetically. "Sorry. Yeah, sure. Anjali. My name. Is. And I'm a third year. What about you?" Merlin, she was an idiot. She was always an idiot around pretty people who weren't related to her. If a person was related to her, they were probably a bigoted snot. Anjali had escaped bigoted snottiness, thank Merlin. She didn't care if you were a Muggleborn. A wizard is a wizard. Muggles were the real problem. Even if they did make deliciously soft leggings.

  • Right in my comfort zone.Finn Dubois (Draco), Thu Jan 30 05:59
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    • That makes one of us. — Anjali Soren, Mon Feb 17 23:32
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