Alannah Pendergast
DoM Part 2. let's have fun! (tag pureblood ladies)
Tue Mar 4, 2014 15:22

It had been two weeks since Professor de Villiers had informed Alannah about the books in his room and how she and the rest of the DoM were allowed to use. The Pureblooded girl had read all she could about the real Morgana. The cute version of the Queen of Avalon was gone from her mind, now she wanted to be powerful like Morgana. She wasn’t ruled by anyone, she could do whatever she wanted and no one would get in her way.

Alannah had learned a bit in her two weeks of really learning and she had asked the Professor for help with a curse. If one was to tattle on the DoM after signing the paper Alannah now held in front of her they would find themselves stricken with the sorest of throats nothing would relieve. Of course, the Professor hadn’t cast the curse himself, no he had simply walked her through it and reminded her many times that this paper was to stay in the room and wasn’t actually for use.

Alannah was smart enough to know this was to protect both of them, but mostly the Professor. He smiled as he left the room for the day, a book left open to a page on a tounge tying curse . Alannah laughed, see the Professor didn’t want them to learn illegal dark things, he wanted them to learn fun things! Things that would be good in his dueling club.

As girls entered, Alannah explained that they were taking a DoM vow of silence as the Muggles would say ‘what happens here, stays here.’ After the last announcement many had already dropped, and this new vow made even more girls drop. “Good let them the less, the better.” Alannah thought.

Finally, she looked at the girls gathered and smiled. “Who wants to learn the real fun stuff?” she asked hopefully.

  • Daughters of Morgana Part IAlannah Pendergast and Professor de Villers, Tue Mar 4 15:21
    Alannah Pendergast stood in the Defense Against the Dark Arts room perplexed. She had needed somewhere for the Daughters of Morgana to meet but the defense room was an odd choice. Yet, she had... more
    • DoM Part 2. let's have fun! (tag pureblood ladies) — Alannah Pendergast, Tue Mar 4 15:22
      • Sounds like a good time to meBessie Mae Cavanaugh, Wed Mar 5 01:21
        Bessie Mae had been thrilled to join the Daughters of Morgana as soon as she’d arrived at RMI. A proper ladies’ club for high-society girls was exactly what the school needed. Mother and Pa had asked ... more
        • Glad you think so!Alannah , Thu Mar 6 10:35
          ““What do y’all have in mind?” Bessie Mae said and Alannah smiled, glad that she had stayed. Alannah had taken a liking to Bessie Mae in earlier DoM meetings, she wasn’t like the other girls at RMI.... more
          • But I don't.Safire Hathaway, Fri Mar 7 11:11
            “There’s also tons of books around here was the first think Safire heard. She’d strolled in rather late, deciding last minute that this would be a fun ‘club’ to join. Not like she had anything else... more
            • We didn’t ask youBessie Mae, Sun Mar 9 03:58
              Alannah was one of the rare students Bessie Mae admired. As far as the Arkansan could tell, she and the Irish girl were cut from the same cloth (based on their tastes, the cloth was either silk or... more
              • No, we didn't.Alannah, Sun Mar 9 10:48
                Alannah couldn’t help but glare at Safire, anyone who said that books were boring and should be burned was no friend of hers. Alannah’s governess, Mora had always told her that a proper young lady... more
                • You didn't? I thought you did.Safire Hathaway, Wed Mar 19 10:10
                  Safire smirked. “You don’t want me here? And I was so sure you guys loved me!” she said sarcasticaly. She stood up and made her way over to the paper, swiftly signing her name. The only reason she... more
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