Safire Hathaway
But I don't.
Fri Mar 7, 2014 11:11

“There’s also tons of books around here was the first think Safire heard. She’d strolled in rather late, deciding last minute that this would be a fun ‘club’ to join. Not like she had anything else to do, even if she hadn’t wanted to join.

Today, as it was the weekend, she had her hair up in a tight pony tail. Her blue eyes where heavily outlined with silver eye liner. The first year gazed at the other girls as she took a seat. Her outfit consisted of black flare jeans, sneakers, and a hoody.

While she was in Lyra, she wasn’t as musical as the others. She didn’t like spots or dancing or music. She didn’t like acting. She wasn’t that shy, though she acted like it with her antisocial tendences. When she did talk, and it wasn’t as rare she thought everyone thought, she came out sounding like a brat.

She got easily frustrated—especailly at the beggining of the year, when she couldn’t get her magic to work. Now that she’d had a chance to settle in a bit, she thought it was getting easier. She’d never admit, especailly to Astien, how much she was sorry for snapping at him.

“Books.” She said with a yawn, not hearing the rest of what Alannah had said, “are boring and we should burn them all.” She said with a blink of her eyes.

  • Glad you think so!Alannah , Thu Mar 6 10:35
    ““What do y’all have in mind?” Bessie Mae said and Alannah smiled, glad that she had stayed. Alannah had taken a liking to Bessie Mae in earlier DoM meetings, she wasn’t like the other girls at RMI.... more
    • But I don't. — Safire Hathaway, Fri Mar 7 11:11
      • We didn’t ask youBessie Mae, Sun Mar 9 03:58
        Alannah was one of the rare students Bessie Mae admired. As far as the Arkansan could tell, she and the Irish girl were cut from the same cloth (based on their tastes, the cloth was either silk or... more
        • No, we didn't.Alannah, Sun Mar 9 10:48
          Alannah couldn’t help but glare at Safire, anyone who said that books were boring and should be burned was no friend of hers. Alannah’s governess, Mora had always told her that a proper young lady... more
          • You didn't? I thought you did.Safire Hathaway, Wed Mar 19 10:10
            Safire smirked. “You don’t want me here? And I was so sure you guys loved me!” she said sarcasticaly. She stood up and made her way over to the paper, swiftly signing her name. The only reason she... more
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