Rosemary Stark
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Fri Mar 7, 2014 11:25

The shy Lyra didn’t even know why she was there, why she was at the duling club. Did she want to fight? No. Did she want to hurt someone? No. She glanced at the door nervously, waiting until she could make a run for it. Maybe she could get out before anyone noticed her. She took a shakey breath and tried to not look so frightened. After all, if she could get on a broom and play Quidditch for her house, what was one hour in a duling club?

A slight shiver passed through her as she forced herself to list to what the proffessor was saying. Though she appered to be listening, most of his words went in one ear and out the other. When he was finished, she turned to the door. Taking a few strides over to it before someone asked if she wanted to be their duling partner. She turned around and gazed at the other girl, her face a bit pale. “Uhm... sure.” She said with a blush. How could anyone—even a fellow first year—want to be her partner? Rose would probably be beaten within the first few spells casted. “If you really want me to be your partner..”

  • I'm Ready!Meci Bandipudi , Sat Feb 8 15:40
    Meci was leisurely walking down the halls when she came across an open door. Curios, she walked inside, only to find that it was a dueling club “Hmm. This should be interesting,” she thought to... more
    • Are you sure? — Rosemary Stark, Fri Mar 7 11:25
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