Bessie Mae
We didn’t ask you
Sun Mar 9, 2014 03:58

Alannah was one of the rare students Bessie Mae admired. As far as the Arkansan could tell, she and the Irish girl were cut from the same cloth (based on their tastes, the cloth was either silk or sequined), which was a good sign for the two of them. Alannah was only one year above her, so they would have plenty of time to be friends before the older girl graduated.

Before she could answer, another attendee interrupted laconically. Bessie Mae turned a baleful hazel gaze on Safire Hathaway, who was surprisingly listless for someone who had signed magically-binding contracts for the privilege of being in the room. Or at least she ought have—Bessie Mae was not convinced that Safire had not infiltrated the Daughters of Morgana meeting at the last minute. Although Safire was a pureblood, Bessie Mae didn’t remember seeing her yearmate at previous meetings.

Bessie Mae knew, of course, that she was supposed to be charming and make nice with the other purebloods. Mother’s social circle comprised her relatives and school friends. Bessie Mae had a few cousins; Pa had two older brothers, and Mother had her share of family, so there were more than a few Cavanaughs in Bessie Mae’s generation. Bessie Mae understood the value of fostering ties outside of the Bowie State—but regardless of how notable the other Hathaways might be, did Safire really have to be their link?

(Although in the Aquila’s opinion, anybody who named their child an abysmal misspelling of sapphire oughtn’t be in their circle. For Merlin’s sake!—Bessie Mae disapproved of names that were nouns, but if you were gonna do that, at least spell it right.)

Bessie Mae tilted her head slightly, gracing Safire with her best well-you’re-a-few-Knuts-short-of-a-Sickle-now-aren’t-you smile. “Well, Safire, if you have any other suggestions for learnin’ new spells, I’m sure we’d be delighted to hear them.” Unless we’re mastering Fiendfyre, we ain’t gonna burn any books today. To their host, she added, “We could start with that tongue-tying curse, Alannah—sounds mighty useful.” The brunette made a conscious effort to keep her wand pointed towards the ground; their newcomer seemed an opportune test subject, but Bessie Mae supposed she had to be more diplomatic than that.

“In the meantime, Safire, have you signed the roster yet? Everyone here already signed, so if you’d like to stick around…” Bessie Mae helpfully indicated their guest list on one of the desks, which was accompanied by a pale pink quill tipped with magenta ink. After all, they couldn’t keep going unless Safire had taken the vow of silence too.

  • But I don't.Safire Hathaway, Fri Mar 7 11:11
    “There’s also tons of books around here was the first think Safire heard. She’d strolled in rather late, deciding last minute that this would be a fun ‘club’ to join. Not like she had anything else... more
    • We didn’t ask you — Bessie Mae, Sun Mar 9 03:58
      • No, we didn't.Alannah, Sun Mar 9 10:48
        Alannah couldn’t help but glare at Safire, anyone who said that books were boring and should be burned was no friend of hers. Alannah’s governess, Mora had always told her that a proper young lady... more
        • You didn't? I thought you did.Safire Hathaway, Wed Mar 19 10:10
          Safire smirked. “You don’t want me here? And I was so sure you guys loved me!” she said sarcasticaly. She stood up and made her way over to the paper, swiftly signing her name. The only reason she... more
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