Professor de Villers
The Jellies (1st - 3rd years)
Mon Mar 10, 2014 10:53

At eleven o'clock the door to the Defense against the dark arts room slammed shut with a loud bang. As per usual a charmed piece of paper appeared on the door, and any student who entered after the closing the door would normally be serving detention as told by the paper but Emilian decided that this close to term end the Defense room should become more relaxed. The first and second years knew by now how to act in his classroom, and the third years would be becoming fourth years and deciding if they wished to continue on with DADA, which the Professor hoped some would. He was more relaxed with his intermediate and advance classes then he was with the beginners. After all, they had survived his classes he couldn’t see being too harsh on them.

The Defense Professor, normally a moody man leaned against his desk, his arms at his side and a smile upon his face. “Good morning students.” he said cheerfully, looking about at them. “Today we will be practicing our jelly spells. I’m sure you all remember last class where we studied how to cast them, and how to defend oneself from them. So we’ll be having a good old fashion duel with them. You are allowed the following six spells for offensive: jelly brain, which makes the victim forget the last fifteen minutes. The jelly finger jinx, which makes your fingers like jelly unable to grasp your wand or anything in your hands. And finally for offensive spells the jelly legs jinx which makes your legs wobble.”

Emilian paused and smiled. He loved these harmless jinxes they were fun. “For defensive spells you may use the disarming charm, Expelliarmus, the shield charm Protego, and the langlock jinx that glues the other person’s mouth closed so they can’t jinx you. I will come around and unjinx you both when you and your partner both shoot redsparks in the air. For now, be safe and have fun!”

OOC:Remember all the rules, especially Godmodding and the length requirements! Be creative and use good grammar. To be unjinxed by Emilian feel free to godmod him coming around and doing so but no more than that. Do not assume that anything goes tragically wrong, for Professor de Villiers will be there to supervise all actions! Have fun!

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      Cultural Studies was—had always been, really—Copeland’s favorite class, but he liked Defense Against the Dark Arts almost as much. Of all the kinds of magic they did with their wands, Defense was the ... more
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