Copeland Henkes [Cetus]
Smells like teen spirit
Mon Mar 10, 2014 21:48

Cultural Studies was—had always been, really—Copeland’s favorite class, but he liked Defense Against the Dark Arts almost as much. Of all the kinds of magic they did with their wands, Defense was the most physical. He figured Spellwork was somehow kind of emotional, and Magical Sciences was… cerebral, maybe? To be good at Magical Sciences, Cope would’ve had to be a lot brainier than he was. His domain was doing things, and Defense was all about that—reaction times and stuff mattered way more than complicated theories.

He wasn’t sure why he liked Cultural Studies. Maybe it was just Professor Blair—in class, she made things fun that had been boring in his textbook. The latest thing they’d talked about was America’s centaur reservations, which Cope thought was so cool that he’d gone and looked up if there were any near him. Wyoming had one Indian reservation, and apparently one centaur reservation too—in the southwest, a couple hours from Yellowstone. He hoped it would be a little closer (some Indian reservations did tours, and maybe the centaur one was like that?)—seven hours away was just too far.

The freakin’ Cetus captain had made Cope a reserve again this year. Cope didn’t get it—he was stronger than Rialto (at least, he was pretty sure he was), and he’d been around longer than Paulo or Emily Wiggins or Arnold Bittleby. He deserved to be on the team, and the whole thing just made him want to quit Quidditch. What was the point if he was just going to sit on the damn bench every game?

As part of Operation: Get Really Good At School he was trying to use the free time and energy to get really good at school. He didn’t even have Into the Woods as much of a distraction, since he was playing the creepy wolf guy who only showed up for, like, two scenes. It meant he didn’t have to do much synchronized dancing with other people, so that was good. Cope was great at sports (at least, he’d always thought he was—Seth Jackson apparently didn’t agree. Maybe he was only good at normal sports like football), but dancing was not his thing.

For all I know, the Jelly Legs Jinx will make me a better dancer. He drew his wand, nodding at the first person he made eye contact with. “Partners?”

  • The Jellies (1st - 3rd years)Professor de Villers, Mon Mar 10 10:53
    At eleven o'clock the door to the Defense against the dark arts room slammed shut with a loud bang. As per usual a charmed piece of paper appeared on the door, and any student who entered after the... more
    • Smells like teen spirit — Copeland Henkes [Cetus], Mon Mar 10 21:48
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