DH de Villiers
Personal Defense (1-3rd years)
Tue May 6, 2014 15:27

The new Deputy Headmaster and Head of Draco stood outside of his room with a frown gracing his face. The more duties he took on the less time he had to find a suitable wife. So, far no one had caught his fancy, the last girl he had even a fleeting thought about was the one that gave him the twisting scar down his left arm. It was proudly on display today, as the Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts wore a blood red polo shirt, and black slacks. He had forwent his usually impeccable suit for today’s lesson because one might get a bit dirty.

The door slammed shut with a flick of his wand at exactly eleven am not caring that students could and would be last to the first class of the year. Anyone locked out would have their name written upon a charmed piece of paper which would announce when the student would serve their detention. The students would still be able to enter, but the only seats available to them were along the wall next to the door so Emilian could keep an eye on them.

“Morning,” he said loudly, “You all should know by now I am your Deputy Headmaster and Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts Emilian de Villiers. You will always listen to me in this classroom. Here my word is law. If you defy me, you will be serving detentions and will be banned from the Dueling Club and the SGA.”

He paused nodded when none of the students spoke and then flicked his wand at the chalkboard where the words Personal Defense appeared. “The two spells we will begin with are the smokescreen spell, and the knockback jinx.”

“The first spell is the smokescreen spell. You wave your wand twice watch closely.” Emilian warned and then swished his wand back and forth. “and say “fumidus!” With that a plume of smoke appeared before Emilan.

“It allows you to escape fairly easily, without getting hurt.” Emilian said from behind the students. He smirked when their heads snapped back to see him. He walked with a swagger back to the front of the room.

“The second spell is the Knockback Jinx. It is just to knock back a person or object like so.” He flicked his wand and said. “Inflixi rursus.” This sent the nearest chair falling to the floor.

“Your job today is one student is to use the Knockback Jinx while the other using the smokescreen spell to escape. Now the smokescreen spell does not move you, you have to move yourself. The good news is that the Jinx cannot get through the smoke at first though it can and will when it starts to disappear.”

“Do not worry the floor has a cushioning spell for those of you who do get knocked back. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask! If not partner up and get started!”
Emilian said and sat down on his desk to watch and see which of the youngsters in front of him would need personal help.

OOC: Remember all the rules, especially Godmodding and the length requirements! Be creative and use good grammar! If you need any help, tag E! Do not assume that anything goes tragically wrong, for Professor de Villiers will be there to supervise all actions! Have fun!

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