Bessie Mae Cavanaugh [Aquila]
My favorite subject
Wed May 7, 2014 12:03

Bessie Mae returned to Defense Against the Dark Arts with an easy confidence and a white smile. Today she wore a white dress patterned with large magenta roses, orange flats, and an orange headband. It was a brand new outfit, and she was very pleased to wear it for the first time. Bessie Mae never worried that her class activities would damage her clothing; the house elves were miraculous at removing stains, and it was easy to find someone who could reparo a tear out of a garment.

Her bookbag was slightly heavier than usual. Bumping against her textbooks with every step was a neatly-organized binder of the spells Pa had taught her over the summer. It was color-coded by type—jinxes, hexes, curses, and charms—and she was very proud of it. The idea was to share the book with Alannah, and Bessie Mae was hoping to find the older girl now so they could get lunch together. Safire, she had decided, was not to be invited for their lunch meeting.

She listened raptly to Professor de Villiers. He was an impressive man; it was truly a pity he was head of Draco and not Aquila. The brunette thought her favorite professor was cut more from her cloth than from that of the loyal and studious House. She noticed the scar twisting down his arm and couldn’t quite remember if that had been present before the summer. It was a very impressive scar. She’d have to discreetly find out how he’d gotten it. Bessie Mae was not a gossipmonger, but she liked to know things.

The second-year chided herself when de Villiers surprised them all from the back of the room. Of course she shouldn’t have focused on the smoke; Pa had made it clear that you always had to know where your opponent was in a duel. She was still thinking about this when she found a student to partner with. Bessie Mae would not make such an easy mistake again in this class.

“I already know the Knockback Jinx,” she drawled, wand in hand, “so if you’d like me to do that first as an example, that’s fine by me.” Well, she didn’t know this incantation for it, actually; she knew the Knockback Jinx as flipendo, although that was possibly a regional thing. Bessie Mae made a mental note to ask Professor de Villiers about the difference after class. “Or I’d be happy to start off with the smokescreen, since I’m already good on the other. Your choice,” the Arkansan finished benevolently, pale green eyes fixed on the other student.

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    • My favorite subject — Bessie Mae Cavanaugh [Aquila], Wed May 7 12:03
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