Krystal Baitman [Aquila]
You're being sarcastic, right?
Thu May 8, 2014 07:24

The fact that she could move around the school with the rest of her class was the only reason Krystal made it to any classes on time. If she needed the bathroom, or was enjoying chatting to someone, she could easily end up dragging her heels and showing up late. Today though, she'd moved with the masses and, for once, wasn't on de Villiers' most wanted list. Yet. Whether she could survive an entire lesson without ending up there remained to be seen but it was a rare event.

She rolled her eyes as he went on and on about being listened to and that 'his word was law.' Seriously, who said stuff like that? He was so far up his own backside it was a wonder any of them could make out what he was saying.

“Geez, that'd be a tragedy,” she muttered, when he threatened them with being banned from the Duelling Club or not being allowed to serve on Student Council. Who wanted to sign up for what amounted to extra homework, with that jerk breathing down their necks? Anyone who volunteered for that had to be unhinged! De Villiers paused in being a pompous idiot for a fraction, and Krystal gulped, wondering if he'd heard her, but he seemed to move on...

She crossed her arms across her chest as he filled the room with smoke. She hated his class with every fibre of her being. It wasn't a proper lesson – it was just him torturing them for his own amusement and if you survived you passed. It was sick and sadistic. She let out a loud expletive as he spoke, suddenly behind them. She scowled, angry both at him being a twisted psychopath and also annoyed that she'd shown him that it got to her. She hated how he treated them but, more than that, she hated giving him the satisfaction of seeing how much it bothered her. That was just what he wanted.

When they were set to work, she found her room-mate approaching her. Bessie-Mae was... all flouncy and flowery. She was exactly the kind of girl that Krystal thought probably thought she was better than everyone around her, and Krystal had treated her with highly guarded, monosyllabic reactions wherever possible. Her room-mate hadn't done anything snotty or atrocious to her yet but that didn't mean she was about to let her guard down.

“Really?” she asked, unable to hide her surprise as Bessie Mae said she'd already mastered the spell. It was not an impressed 'really?' It wasn't exactly skepttical either. It was more... gobsmacked, the implication clearly being that Krystal couldn't understand why anyone would have wanted to do that. Though maybe they'd done it in one of the many classes she had missed.

“Y'know, if you're good at a smoke screen, you reckon we could sneak out under it?” she grinned. “Especially if everyone else is going to do it, he won't be able to keep track of everyone.” Perhaps, at last, he was teaching them something useful.

OOC – the comment on de V not hearing her comment was based on him saying that no one spoke. The comments on Krystal and Bessie Mae's room-mateship were based on a conversation we had in chatzy/general common sense (they can't possibly be unaware of each but have never had any particular interaction). If either is not happy or feels God-Modded, I'm happy to modify it.

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    • You're being sarcastic, right? — Krystal Baitman [Aquila], Thu May 8 07:24
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