Professor Miles
Hold on Tight! [First Through Third Years]
Mon Jun 10, 2013 20:18

Chris always tried to be careful with the first lesson of the year. There would be some very eager first years mixed in with some very miserable third and second years who may have been trying to adjust themselves to new time zones and things of the such. Chris understood that; it hadn’t been that long ago since he was a student. He was pretty good at sympathizing with students when they failed to perform their work to the best of their abilities. He hadn’t ever really taught any students who were really into Defense Against the Dark Arts like he was during his years at RMI, but maybe this would be the year. If he were to come across a student like that, then he would be sure to push them to do their best and not allow them to slack off as much.

The older Chris got, the more he realized that his job was actually pretty important. The teaching position was given to him out of pity, he was sure, so he always assumed it was a job that anyone could do that really didn’t affect the world around him. That was why he originally wanted to be a wizard cop, so that he would feel like he was actually doing something good for the world. But actually, Chris had the chance to influence young kids into wanting to do what he was never brilliant enough to do (not to mention other circumstances that prevented him from being about to do it). The twenty-one-year-old didn’t regret anything that had happened to him to change the course of his life as he expected it, but he did wonder where he would be now if his beautiful daughter hadn’t been born.

Once the former Aquila realized he had the power to do something important for society, he decided that he would make attempts at being a better teacher. He took a couple of courses over the summer to strengthen his abilities Defense Against the Dark Arts as well as a class on education. They were a little challenging, but Chris was pretty certain the reason for that was that he hadn’t been in school for so long. He found out a long time ago that he wasn’t an idiot; he just had no common sense or work ethic.

On the morning of the first day of class, the black haired man was the first one up in his household. He went down to the Diner for breakfast and then made his way to his classroom early, taking his long black robe off as he got in the room. It wasn’t the best example for the kids, but being a Muggleborn, he found the whole robe thing very annoying and inconvenient. Underneath his robes, however, in honor of it being the first day of school, Chris wore a black button down shirt and black slacks. As the school year progressed, he would probably start wearing t-shirts, but for now he would try to be professional.

Chris spun around in his familiar black spiny-chair as the students piled in. They were allowed to sit anywhere they wanted in the evenly spaced desks. The room was darkly lit with most of the shades closed and only four torches to light the stone walls. This was nice during the summer time, making it chilly so that students wouldn’t get sleepy in the summer heat. On the walls were posters with adorable drawings of usually terrifying dark creatures. The one of the Norwegian Ridgeback resembled Puff the Magic Dragon! There was a chalkboard in the front of the room with a desk directly in front of it with a few defensive gadgets on it.

Once the last student came in, Chris took his wand out of his back pocket and magically shut the door with a loud bang. “Hello, and welcome to Defense Against the Dark Arts. To the first years who are not Aquilas, I’m Professor Miles. To the rest of you: Hey.

“I’m going to start off with a quick overview of what you should expect from this course. To anyone who doesn’t know this already, in this class you learn to defend yourself from dark magic. Dark magic can be extremely dangerous and lead you to life-threatening issues. I speak from experience.” He was sure that many of them had guessed that already, seeing the large burn scar on his right cheek that would never heal over. “For your first three years here, you will learn how to protect yourself from basic spells and jinxes that could harm you, as well as to detect dark magic so as to prevent yourself from medaling with it. You’ll also be learning some useful facts about dark creatures, as well as interacting with some of them.” Chris felt it important that he teach his students a bit more about magical creatures, especially since there hadn’t been a Care of Magical Creatures class in ages.

“As for today, we’re going to start off with some wand work. The spell we will be working on today is called Expelliarmus.” Chris flicked his wand so that the chalk would start writing that on the board. “This spell is used to disarm. It’s hard to get on the first few tries because of the specifics of the wand movement. It’s a sort of circle-and-jab sort of thing,” Chris said, demonstrating the wand movement with his own wand. “But once you get it, you should expect your victim’s wand to spin out of their hands. I don’t really think I have to explain why this is useful; you could literally save your life with this spell!” If he was able to make his students feel like what they were doing was important, then they would probably be more into the lesson.

“More powerful wizards and witches are able to actually knock their opponent off their feet when they use the spell, although if I were you guys I would only be striving to disarm today. When we go back to this spell, however, some of you might be able to use it to that advantage.

“Some tips: make sure you say your pronunciation very carefully. And don’t forget this wand movement.” He demonstrated it again. “Okay, so everyone grab a partner to practice this on. I’ll be walking around and observing and helping where help is needed. Don’t hesitate to call for me if you need help.” Chris stood up and waited for the scraping of the chairs on the hard floor to settle downs before saying, “Good luck, and have fun!”

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    • WANTED: Someone who was listeningElla Parker [Cetus], Wed Jun 19 12:12
      Ella hadn’t been listening. This was not unusual as Ella often found it hard to actually concentrate. She could here Professor Miles’ voice in the back ground...something about dangerous and dark... more
      • Is mostly listening okay?Felicia Davino (Draco), Wed Jun 19 22:40
        Felicia rushed through the halls to her next class, Defense Against the Dark Arts. It sounded fun but she wouldn’t get much out of it if she got in trouble for being late. She had gotten the... more
        • Okay is wonderful!Ella Parker, Thu Jun 20 16:03
          Ella looked up to the girl; she looked like a first year as well and grinned. “I’m Ella!” She said, glad she was no longer alone. “And yeah, a partner would be great as it would be hard to try and... more
          • Then Call Me Ms.WonderfulFelicia Davino, Mon Jun 24 21:17
            Felicia was a little nervous, since this would be her first time trying out an actual spell with her wand and everything, but she tried not to let it show as she rolled up her sleeves. “Sure,” she... more
            • And me Miss. Can't-Cast-A-SpellElla Parker, Wed Jun 26 12:08
              Ella felt the spell knock out of her hand hard. Even as a muggleborn, she knew that that was a powerful cast. Ella looked over her shoulder, as her wand fell to the floor at the other side of the... more
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      • Lemme help you out there.Maisie Lee Allen [Aquila], Mon Jun 24 17:14
        Maisie rolled her wand between thumb and forefinger, enjoying the rasp of oak on her calloused hand. She'd developed this habit, this ponderous twirling, to stave off the boredom of lectures. It... more
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      Copeland Henkes had had high hopes when he came to RMI last year. Magic school was gonna be different than normal school. Tripp always talked about RMI the way a four-year-old girl who wanted to be a ... more
    • You want us to... partner up...?Rialto Cabalo {Cetus}, Wed Jun 12 07:12
      Defence Against the Dark Arts Expelliarmus - The spell to disarm. Can be advanced to knock opponent of feet. Pronounce carefully (Ex-pelly-ar-mus) 'Circle and jab' wand movement Rialto carefully... more
      • They do that a lot hereDelyth Blackbriar - Cetus , Wed Jun 12 21:25
        Delyth was glad to return to RMI. Anything was better than living under her mother’s watching and disapproving eye. School was also nerve wracking, and she had more than a few mishaps, but it was... more
        • "Delightful," Rialto didn't exactly smile, but pulled a satisfied expression. "Do not fear harming me, we are both beginners." If he was judging by aesthetics, Rialto assumed that this girl would be... more
          • *Blushes* Thank youDelyth, Mon Jun 17 19:39
            “ Would you like to go first? ” Delyth forced her lips into a semblance of a smile to hide her worry. Everything would be fine. Rialto said they were both beginners and nothing bad would happen. The... more
    • This is grippingChord McAlbin {Lyra}, Tue Jun 11 15:45
      Chord had never really quite got on with jetlag, due to his stubborn biological clock and the fact that there was a 6 hour time difference from his home in Scotland to Colorado. He went to bed at... more
      • Sure it isAlannah Pendergast, Sun Jun 16 15:41
        Alannah Pendergast had her school robes on, and underneath them she wore a pretty purple dress with black tights. Her shoes were black mary janes, and her bright red hair was pulled back from her... more
        • So much tension...Chord, Mon Jun 17 11:26
          "Thank you," Chord replied, turning around again and scribbling down the word before he forgot. The Prof had finished talking and the other students appeared to be pairing off and practising the... more
          • What sort of tension?Alannah , Wed Jun 19 18:06
            The older boy responded with a thank you before turning around and writing down the answer allowing Alannah to go back to taking perfect notes. When the Professor released them to work together... more
            • Suspense, maybe building up to this?Chord, Mon Jun 24 09:31
              "Alannah," Chord repeated, smiling. He pulled out his own reddish-brown wand - he wasn't sure what material or type it was - and flicked it around his fingers, before grabbing it again in the correct ... more
    • Time for an adventure!Kašpar Szyszko (Aquila), Mon Jun 10 23:27
      The Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom was rather more Dark Arts-ish instead of Defense-y. That was completely fine with Kašpar, because it made the room much more interesting! Most of the... more
      • Wait, I'm not ready!Yelena York II, Tue Jun 11 05:18
        Still shaking off the effects of the weather potion she’d messed up during their first period class, Lena lagged behind the other beginner students on their way from Cultural Studies to Defense... more
        • Ready or not, here we go!Kašpar, Tue Jun 11 18:51
          He blinked, and the neutral profile of his dragon hunting partner classwork partner morphed into someone much more recognizable, dark curls overwhelming the protective helmet, brown eyes widening in... more
          • Okay, this is pretty exciting.Lena, Wed Jun 12 13:46
            Out from beneath the torch, the cool shivers provoked by the latent potion effects and the stone borders resumed their travels across the surface of her skin. There were still shallow pools of water... more
            • Of course it is. I'm here.Kašpar, Thu Jun 13 17:21
              He frowned in concentration, wide hazel eyes intent on Yelena’s face as she said the spell for him. “Eks-PELL-ee-armoss,” he recited after her, paying diligent attention to the first syllables, his... more
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