Chord McAlbin {Lyra}
This is gripping
Tue Jun 11, 2013 15:45

Chord had never really quite got on with jetlag, due to his stubborn biological clock and the fact that there was a 6 hour time difference from his home in Scotland to Colorado. He went to bed at about midnight - his usual time - but his body was telling him that it was only 6pm.

After tossing and turning, he leaned from his bed to reach his luggage to retrieve a muggle novel that his brother's wife had given him before he left, and the light-up rock he had created in his first or second year. He never actually thought he might need it. It was bright enough to be able to read the book, but not bright enough as to disturb his new roommate. He hoped. The novel was thick, hardback and heavy, so Chord laid it on the mattress, lay on his stomach and pulled the covers over himself. He lightly opened the cover and flicked past the acknowledgements to reach chapter 1, and began reading. Time flew by.

He finally dropped off at about 4am, face on the open book, which meant he had about 3 hours until he needed to wake up again. Waking up was near impossible. As he arrived in his DADA class that morning, he wasn't completely sure if he was in reality or still dreaming. Nevertheless, he took a seat near the back as the rest of the students filed in. He rested his elbow on the desk and his hand on his forehead, struggling to keep his mind active. His long, dark hair was unbrushed and messy - a look that some people spend hours trying to achieve, but a look that Chord simply hadn't been -badword-ed to try and change.

He half-heartedly listened to the Professor and noted down some of the vital information in lazy, scrawled handwriting.

Expelli - what? Chord thought, dropping his quill and looking back up.

How on earth would he know how to spell that? He twisted his body around and tried to grab the attention of the student behind him.

“Psst! Hi,” Chord whispered, hoping the Professor wouldn’t notice. “How do you spell expellia- expellar- … the name of the spell?”

  • Hold on Tight! [First Through Third Years]Professor Miles, Mon Jun 10 20:18
    Chris always tried to be careful with the first lesson of the year. There would be some very eager first years mixed in with some very miserable third and second years who may have been trying to... more
    • WANTED: Someone who was listeningElla Parker [Cetus], Wed Jun 19 12:12
      Ella hadn’t been listening. This was not unusual as Ella often found it hard to actually concentrate. She could here Professor Miles’ voice in the back ground...something about dangerous and dark... more
      • Is mostly listening okay?Felicia Davino (Draco), Wed Jun 19 22:40
        Felicia rushed through the halls to her next class, Defense Against the Dark Arts. It sounded fun but she wouldn’t get much out of it if she got in trouble for being late. She had gotten the... more
        • Okay is wonderful!Ella Parker, Thu Jun 20 16:03
          Ella looked up to the girl; she looked like a first year as well and grinned. “I’m Ella!” She said, glad she was no longer alone. “And yeah, a partner would be great as it would be hard to try and... more
          • Then Call Me Ms.WonderfulFelicia Davino, Mon Jun 24 21:17
            Felicia was a little nervous, since this would be her first time trying out an actual spell with her wand and everything, but she tried not to let it show as she rolled up her sleeves. “Sure,” she... more
            • And me Miss. Can't-Cast-A-SpellElla Parker, Wed Jun 26 12:08
              Ella felt the spell knock out of her hand hard. Even as a muggleborn, she knew that that was a powerful cast. Ella looked over her shoulder, as her wand fell to the floor at the other side of the... more
    • Holding on for dear lifeMason Peterson [Draco], Mon Jun 17 23:42
      Mason woke up to the sound of his roommate snoring. He looked at the time on the watch his father had given him for his last birthday and saw that it was way to early to be awake. He rolled over and... more
      • Lemme help you out there.Maisie Lee Allen [Aquila], Mon Jun 24 17:14
        Maisie rolled her wand between thumb and forefinger, enjoying the rasp of oak on her calloused hand. She'd developed this habit, this ponderous twirling, to stave off the boredom of lectures. It... more
    • Whatever you sayCopeland Henkes [Cetus], Sun Jun 16 17:20
      Copeland Henkes had had high hopes when he came to RMI last year. Magic school was gonna be different than normal school. Tripp always talked about RMI the way a four-year-old girl who wanted to be a ... more
    • You want us to... partner up...?Rialto Cabalo {Cetus}, Wed Jun 12 07:12
      Defence Against the Dark Arts Expelliarmus - The spell to disarm. Can be advanced to knock opponent of feet. Pronounce carefully (Ex-pelly-ar-mus) 'Circle and jab' wand movement Rialto carefully... more
      • They do that a lot hereDelyth Blackbriar - Cetus , Wed Jun 12 21:25
        Delyth was glad to return to RMI. Anything was better than living under her mother’s watching and disapproving eye. School was also nerve wracking, and she had more than a few mishaps, but it was... more
        • "Delightful," Rialto didn't exactly smile, but pulled a satisfied expression. "Do not fear harming me, we are both beginners." If he was judging by aesthetics, Rialto assumed that this girl would be... more
          • *Blushes* Thank youDelyth, Mon Jun 17 19:39
            “ Would you like to go first? ” Delyth forced her lips into a semblance of a smile to hide her worry. Everything would be fine. Rialto said they were both beginners and nothing bad would happen. The... more
    • This is gripping — Chord McAlbin {Lyra}, Tue Jun 11 15:45
      • Sure it isAlannah Pendergast, Sun Jun 16 15:41
        Alannah Pendergast had her school robes on, and underneath them she wore a pretty purple dress with black tights. Her shoes were black mary janes, and her bright red hair was pulled back from her... more
        • So much tension...Chord, Mon Jun 17 11:26
          "Thank you," Chord replied, turning around again and scribbling down the word before he forgot. The Prof had finished talking and the other students appeared to be pairing off and practising the... more
          • What sort of tension?Alannah , Wed Jun 19 18:06
            The older boy responded with a thank you before turning around and writing down the answer allowing Alannah to go back to taking perfect notes. When the Professor released them to work together... more
            • Suspense, maybe building up to this?Chord, Mon Jun 24 09:31
              "Alannah," Chord repeated, smiling. He pulled out his own reddish-brown wand - he wasn't sure what material or type it was - and flicked it around his fingers, before grabbing it again in the correct ... more
    • Time for an adventure!Kašpar Szyszko (Aquila), Mon Jun 10 23:27
      The Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom was rather more Dark Arts-ish instead of Defense-y. That was completely fine with Kašpar, because it made the room much more interesting! Most of the... more
      • Wait, I'm not ready!Yelena York II, Tue Jun 11 05:18
        Still shaking off the effects of the weather potion she’d messed up during their first period class, Lena lagged behind the other beginner students on their way from Cultural Studies to Defense... more
        • Ready or not, here we go!Kašpar, Tue Jun 11 18:51
          He blinked, and the neutral profile of his dragon hunting partner classwork partner morphed into someone much more recognizable, dark curls overwhelming the protective helmet, brown eyes widening in... more
          • Okay, this is pretty exciting.Lena, Wed Jun 12 13:46
            Out from beneath the torch, the cool shivers provoked by the latent potion effects and the stone borders resumed their travels across the surface of her skin. There were still shallow pools of water... more
            • Of course it is. I'm here.Kašpar, Thu Jun 13 17:21
              He frowned in concentration, wide hazel eyes intent on Yelena’s face as she said the spell for him. “Eks-PELL-ee-armoss,” he recited after her, paying diligent attention to the first syllables, his... more
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