Ready or not, here we go!
Tue Jun 11, 2013 18:51

He blinked, and the neutral profile of his dragon hunting partner classwork partner morphed into someone much more recognizable, dark curls overwhelming the protective helmet, brown eyes widening in the blank face... But Yelena’s voice was all wrong! Genuinely confused, he continued to blink at her, trying to reconcile the face with the voice. She always had a bit of an accent, however, her agreement to be partners had been made with an accent that sounded like his own accent, and it was very strange to hear his accent coming out of her mouth. Maybe she had been studying Russian over the summer? Even that didn’t make sense, though, because he didn’t think voices could change that quickly. The stability of voices was rather significant to Kašpar; he lived in a world that was vividly contrasting, colours and movements and sounds, and voices were a fairly good way to recognize people.

Relief brushed over him when she grinned, and he grinned back, eyes lighting up, a quiet laugh echoing in his throat. ‘Oh, it was a joke!’ Faking accents was not a type of joke he was used to. He liked his regular voice, thank you very much, and his manner of speech felt relatively natural to him, enough that he was unsure if he’d even be able to recreate a different accent. It was not something he had ever thought to try. His jokes were mainly small activities and personal challenges that he assigned to himself, like hiding frogs in the upstairs bathroom at home – although that wasn’t much of a challenge anymore, as he had become rather good at timing his steps between the yard and the staircase, waiting until the elves had finished their cleaning and then pouncing on the empty rooms.

Listening carefully to Yelena’s (now normal) voice, he glanced over his shoulder at the board again. She had said that the spell had to do with disarming each other, and the mention of a disarming spell was vaguely familiar to him, but he still couldn’t quite get past the first few letters on the board. He tried to figure out the correct pronunciation. Yexreshi, no, Yexrelli, something, muts? The letters waved at him and he shook his head, amused with himself. “Nyet. Womens go first!” With a flourish, he gave her a low bow (‘gentlemanly’, his mother would have called it, while his grandmother would have probably rolled her eyes at his excessive hand movements and forced him to repeat it ten more times until he had it to her satisfaction) and took a step back, his wand arm hanging loosely by his side. “Alzhough, may you can speak it first, and zhen I vill listen? I do not know ‘ow to speak it right,” he admitted, his free hand reaching for his earring, twisting it back and forth with a mildly sheepish expression.

  • Wait, I'm not ready!Yelena York II, Tue Jun 11 05:18
    Still shaking off the effects of the weather potion she’d messed up during their first period class, Lena lagged behind the other beginner students on their way from Cultural Studies to Defense... more
    • Ready or not, here we go! — Kašpar, Tue Jun 11 18:51
      • Okay, this is pretty exciting.Lena, Wed Jun 12 13:46
        Out from beneath the torch, the cool shivers provoked by the latent potion effects and the stone borders resumed their travels across the surface of her skin. There were still shallow pools of water... more
        • Of course it is. I'm here.Kašpar, Thu Jun 13 17:21
          He frowned in concentration, wide hazel eyes intent on Yelena’s face as she said the spell for him. “Eks-PELL-ee-armoss,” he recited after her, paying diligent attention to the first syllables, his... more
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