Okay, this is pretty exciting.
Wed Jun 12, 2013 13:46

Out from beneath the torch, the cool shivers provoked by the latent potion effects and the stone borders resumed their travels across the surface of her skin. There were still shallow pools of water caught between the curls, droplets dangling from the ends. Lena gathered her hair, sea salt seeped through with light strawberry fragrance, and began weaving a long braid, her fingers disappearing and reappearing in quick succession. It fell over one shoulder before she nudged it back, draped down her spine. Whenever she saw Kašpar’s loose golden locks she was tempted to do the same. Sometimes she was reminded of the statues and portraits of ancient heroes; great warriors and hunters who let their hair flow in gestures of masculinity. Other times, she was reminded of the sister she never had, whose hair she never got to play with on a daily basis. She might have had Kašpar’s length, texture and shine.

“Okay, I’ll go first.” She tried not to giggle when he bowed. When it came to manners, she was used to the stiff, robotic motions of England, or the impatient mockery in Spain. Kašpar seemed genuinely delighted to go through the effort of dipping low, his robes swept up in his exaggerated flourish. Interacting with Kašpar was a bit like stumbling and shouting through the wind. He was a fury of motion, with brief moments of concentrated intensity before his eyes glazed over, his mind swept up in imagination. She wasn’t always certain she was being heard, or completely understood, but she fancied she somewhat understood him, and liked the easy burgeoning friendship she thought they shared.

Expelliarmus.” She repeated for him, the syllables slipping easily off her tongue. She curbed the sounds on her second try, slowing down and spreading out the sharp consonants and fluid vowels. “Ex-PELL-ee-ARE-muss.” She smiled when she stressed certain puzzle pieces, familiarizing herself with how they fit inside her mouth, lodged beneath her tongue, poking her cheek, flicked out in her impatience to get the word finished. The incantation felt strange, like a curse word she’d been forbidden to speak, subconsciously attaching a thrill to its meaning due to it being forbidden. Now that it was permitted, she was uncertain to the thrill she felt.

She took her place opposite Kašpar, gripping her rosewood wand, curved a little around the handle, like a talon extended from her hand. She echoed his bow with a few degrees less flourish, and straightened back again as dueling etiquette dictated. She kept her feet a space apart, right leg ahead of the dominant, left arm raised above her shoulder, her fingers tightened upon her weapon. One... two... She pushed her body forward - “Expelliarmus!” - and power crackled through her bloodstream, a rush of warmth through her fingers, conducted by the wood of her wand, shooting out in a jetstream of emerald mist that sprayed the spot Kašpar had been occupying. Her aim was true, her energy exuberant, stray curls whipped from the loosely bound braid, falling across her flushed face, swept up by the wind she’d inadvertently summoned.

When she blinked, she realized the spell had absolutely no effect, having forgotten the circle and jab motion she was supposed to do. Lena blushed, shrinking back inside herself, a little shy from showing so much abandoned emotion, but her eyes continued to shine bright, her smile a little crooked. “Let’s see if you can do any better.” She lowered her wand, level with her hip, waiting to see if Kašpar could summon the power to tear it from her hands. She still thought of him as the hunter, but that was a being of stealth and courage and physical prowess. She hadn’t the chance to judge his level of sorcery.

  • Ready or not, here we go!Kašpar, Tue Jun 11 18:51
    He blinked, and the neutral profile of his dragon hunting partner classwork partner morphed into someone much more recognizable, dark curls overwhelming the protective helmet, brown eyes widening in... more
    • Okay, this is pretty exciting. — Lena, Wed Jun 12 13:46
      • Of course it is. I'm here.Kašpar, Thu Jun 13 17:21
        He frowned in concentration, wide hazel eyes intent on Yelena’s face as she said the spell for him. “Eks-PELL-ee-armoss,” he recited after her, paying diligent attention to the first syllables, his... more
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