Delyth Blackbriar - Cetus
They do that a lot here
Wed Jun 12, 2013 21:25

Delyth was glad to return to RMI. Anything was better than living under her mother’s watching and disapproving eye. School was also nerve wracking, and she had more than a few mishaps, but it was easier to deal with the embarrassment of being clumsy here. Still, DADA was a frightening class and Delyth hated having to cast spells at her fellow school mates. She worried she would do the spell wrong and end up really hurting someone.

Today’s spell didn’t sound too difficult. Delyth watched Professor Miles as he demonstrated the spell and took out her wand to practice the movements too. She wished he would cast it for them to see. It was always better for her to see the spell in motion before trying it herself. The idea of needing to disarm someone made the young Pureblood anxious. Delyth knew she wasn’t likely to find herself in a situation like that, but she didn’t like to think about it.

A low hiss of annoyance escaped her lips when her hand brushed against her still damp notes, smearing the ink. She rubbed at the black mark left on her hand, but only managed to make it bigger instead of getting rid of it. Deciding to ignore the problem, Delyth read her blurred notes again to make sure she had the incantation right.

Would you like to accompany me in the learning of this spell?” the boy next to her asked.

Delyth glanced up from her notes and blinked at the boy’s unwavering stare. She recognized him from last term and offered a shy smile. “Yes. Um, you can go first if you wish,” she offered before standing. Reaching up, Delyth straightened her silver rimmed glasses and stepped away from the desks to a clearer area.

  • You want us to... partner up...?Rialto Cabalo {Cetus}, Wed Jun 12 07:12
    Defence Against the Dark Arts Expelliarmus - The spell to disarm. Can be advanced to knock opponent of feet. Pronounce carefully (Ex-pelly-ar-mus) 'Circle and jab' wand movement Rialto carefully... more
    • They do that a lot here — Delyth Blackbriar - Cetus , Wed Jun 12 21:25
      • "Delightful," Rialto didn't exactly smile, but pulled a satisfied expression. "Do not fear harming me, we are both beginners." If he was judging by aesthetics, Rialto assumed that this girl would be... more
        • *Blushes* Thank youDelyth, Mon Jun 17 19:39
          “ Would you like to go first? ” Delyth forced her lips into a semblance of a smile to hide her worry. Everything would be fine. Rialto said they were both beginners and nothing bad would happen. The... more
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