It doesn't matter, it seems I have a good partner
Thu Jun 13, 2013 07:49

"Delightful," Rialto didn't exactly smile, but pulled a satisfied expression. "Do not fear harming me, we are both beginners."

If he was judging by aesthetics, Rialto assumed that this girl would be a good match for him in the learning of the spell. She also seemed polite and good-mannered, as well as a conscientious student by the look of her notes. Further evidence for this was the color of the dream catcher on her robes - a Cetus, like himself. She had already left a good impression on him, and he hoped that she wouldn’t have a sudden personality change half way through the lesson.

He stood away from the desk to give the two of them more space to perform the spell. Rialto picked his wand up from the desk, once again admiring the smoothness and precision of its form. It always surprised him how little weight it had. He held the end of the pale wand and practised how to move it without saying the spell yet. He had briefly read about defence magic in his first term, but he was no where near as familiar with it as he would have liked to be.

"Would you like to go first?"

  • They do that a lot hereDelyth Blackbriar - Cetus , Wed Jun 12 21:25
    Delyth was glad to return to RMI. Anything was better than living under her mother’s watching and disapproving eye. School was also nerve wracking, and she had more than a few mishaps, but it was... more
    • It doesn't matter, it seems I have a good partner — Rialto, Thu Jun 13 07:49
      • *Blushes* Thank youDelyth, Mon Jun 17 19:39
        “ Would you like to go first? ” Delyth forced her lips into a semblance of a smile to hide her worry. Everything would be fine. Rialto said they were both beginners and nothing bad would happen. The... more
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