Alannah Pendergast
Sure it is
Sun Jun 16, 2013 15:41

Alannah Pendergast had her school robes on, and underneath them she wore a pretty purple dress with black tights. Her shoes were black mary janes, and her bright red hair was pulled back from her face by a French braid. Today was the first day of classes and Alannah was fairly nervous especially since Defense Against the Dark Arts was the second class they had on the schedule.

She entered the classroom and saw Carrick seated in the back and she wondered if she should join him but figured that Carrick wouldn’t want a first year to pair up. So she sat behind a black haired boy and took careful notes on what Professor Miles was teaching them. Alannah knew what Expelliarmus was she had seen Da and his dueling friends use it many times.

She glanced back at her brother and smiled when she saw that he too was taking very neat notes. Taryn his healer, and his old tutor was just as hard on Carrick that Mora had been on Alannah. The young Irish girl actually liked having different Professors, all her life she had Mora, her nurse turned governess.

The first year was finishing her notes when the black haired boy turned around and said.
“Psst! Hi, How do you spell expellia- expellar- … the name of the spell?”

Alannah arched a brow, the boy had a brogue, much like her own. “Hello. It’s Expelliarmus. E-x-p-e-l-l-i-a-r-m-u-s.” She said with a wide smile. She looked over the obviously older boy and wondered why another Celtic type person would come to RMI. Da had sent Carrick to hide him from the Hogwarts elite, Alannah had thrown a fit until she had been allowed to come but she wondered why another would willingly come to RMI.

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    • Sure it is — Alannah Pendergast, Sun Jun 16 15:41
      • So much tension...Chord, Mon Jun 17 11:26
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        • What sort of tension?Alannah , Wed Jun 19 18:06
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          • Suspense, maybe building up to this?Chord, Mon Jun 24 09:31
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