So much tension...
Mon Jun 17, 2013 11:26

"Thank you," Chord replied, turning around again and scribbling down the word before he forgot.

The Prof had finished talking and the other students appeared to be pairing off and practising the spell. Chord dropped his quill next to his notes and looked up for Becca or Patience. He couldn't seem to see either, but assumed they'd probably already had partners by now. The room's murmur had grown into chatter as students saw their friends for the first time that year, now reunited and happy. Chord pursed his lips for a second and turned back to the pretty younger girl behind him.

"I'm Chord," he said, rolling up the sleeves of his robes. "Wanna pair up?"

Chord remembered that time when he was a firstie with no partner, and his only option was Inigo York at that time, who had made it rudely clear he had wanted to work alone. The two later came face-to-face again when they were having an outdoor class on the Quidditch Pitch, which only lead to the start of a new argument. He realised, that for the first time at RMI, he wasn't in a class with that guy. It was like a breath of fresh air.

  • Sure it isAlannah Pendergast, Sun Jun 16 15:41
    Alannah Pendergast had her school robes on, and underneath them she wore a pretty purple dress with black tights. Her shoes were black mary janes, and her bright red hair was pulled back from her... more
    • So much tension... — Chord, Mon Jun 17 11:26
      • What sort of tension?Alannah , Wed Jun 19 18:06
        The older boy responded with a thank you before turning around and writing down the answer allowing Alannah to go back to taking perfect notes. When the Professor released them to work together... more
        • Suspense, maybe building up to this?Chord, Mon Jun 24 09:31
          "Alannah," Chord repeated, smiling. He pulled out his own reddish-brown wand - he wasn't sure what material or type it was - and flicked it around his fingers, before grabbing it again in the correct ... more
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