*Blushes* Thank you
Mon Jun 17, 2013 19:39

Would you like to go first?

Delyth forced her lips into a semblance of a smile to hide her worry. Everything would be fine. Rialto said they were both beginners and nothing bad would happen. The spell wasn’t even one meant to cause harm, and if something did go wrong, the Professor was there to correct it. Taking a deep breath, she took her place opposite Rialto. Nervously rolling her wand between her fingers, she glanced around to see the other students begin pairing off to practice.

It was so much easier to try new spells out on objects instead of people. “All right, thank you,” she murmured politely before standing tall. Closing her eyes, Delyth visualized the wand movement as she silently whispered the incantation. Once she thought she had it, she opened her eyes. Her wand swished in an oval before jabbing forward. “Expelliarmus!” she cried, feeling the magic flow out of her, through her wand, and across the gap between them.

The room was full of equal chants of the incantation, but Delyth’s full attention was on her partner. She thought she saw his wand twitch a little, but it didn’t go flying. The failure didn’t bother the young Cetus too badly. Instead, she was glad that he hadn’t been blown back or anything of that nature.

  • "Delightful," Rialto didn't exactly smile, but pulled a satisfied expression. "Do not fear harming me, we are both beginners." If he was judging by aesthetics, Rialto assumed that this girl would be... more
    • *Blushes* Thank you — Delyth, Mon Jun 17 19:39
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