What sort of tension?
Wed Jun 19, 2013 18:06

The older boy responded with a thank you before turning around and writing down the answer allowing Alannah to go back to taking perfect notes. When the Professor released them to work together Alannah looked around the room and realized she had seated herself by people she didn’t know.

She bit her lip wondering who she was going to pair up with. She was saved from having to ask someone to partner up when the older boy from earlier turned around again and introduced himself as he rolled up his sleeves and asked if she’d like to pair up. Well he really didn’t ask if she’d like to, he had used the word wanna which is assumed was some sort of slang for want to. She smiled and nodded. “I’d like that very much, Chord. I’m Alannah Pendergast.” She answered.

The Lyra shrugged out of her school robes so they wouldn’t get in the way thankful that she had worn a short sleeved dress for her first day of classes. She grabbed up her blackthorne and kelpie mane wand. Alannah was very proud of her wand, Papa had always said the true Irish had blackthorne wands with ke;pie mane hair and she had worried that she wasn’t Irish enough to have a “true Irish” wand.

“Would you like to go first?” She asked with a raised eyebrow. She sort of hoped he would since even though she was Pureblood she had never cast a spell with a wand of her own.

  • So much tension...Chord, Mon Jun 17 11:26
    "Thank you," Chord replied, turning around again and scribbling down the word before he forgot. The Prof had finished talking and the other students appeared to be pairing off and practising the... more
    • What sort of tension? — Alannah , Wed Jun 19 18:06
      • Suspense, maybe building up to this?Chord, Mon Jun 24 09:31
        "Alannah," Chord repeated, smiling. He pulled out his own reddish-brown wand - he wasn't sure what material or type it was - and flicked it around his fingers, before grabbing it again in the correct ... more
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