Felicia Davino (Draco)
Is mostly listening okay?
Wed Jun 19, 2013 22:40

Felicia rushed through the halls to her next class, Defense Against the Dark Arts. It sounded fun but she wouldn’t get much out of it if she got in trouble for being late. She had gotten the directions to the class mixed up and had to stop and ask a nearby painting who was kind enough tell her the right way. She sprinted down the next hallway; trying not to knock anyone over but not completely sure if she succeeded. She managed to slide into the classroom just as the Professor was beginning his lecture. She tried and failed to hide her panting as she sat down in the nearest available seat. She hadn’t run that far that fast since that time she took an afternoon nap in the fields and woke up late for supper.

Wanting to make up for being almost late Felicia listened carefully to Professor Miles as he explained what they were doing in class today. Hearing about dark magic made her a little nervous. Were there really evil witches and wizards who just walked around cursing people? A random image of the Wicked Witch of the West popped in her head but she quickly shook that away. Were there any magic police or something? Probably. Hopefully.

Felicia turned her mind back to the professor just in time to hear the explanation for the spell they were learning. She thought the incantation sounded weird but the spell itself looked useful so she tried to copy the wand movement the professor showed under her desk. When professor Miles told the class to pair up she looked around for a possible partner. She was about to ask the nearest person but she heard someone shout from the other side of the room. Turning towards the yelling she spotted a girl around her age looking wildly around and guess she was the one making the ruckus. Taking pity, and having no partner herself she headed over to the poor girl.

“Ciao,” Felicia greeted, “My name’s Felicia Davino. You need a partner?”

  • WANTED: Someone who was listeningElla Parker [Cetus], Wed Jun 19 12:12
    Ella hadn’t been listening. This was not unusual as Ella often found it hard to actually concentrate. She could here Professor Miles’ voice in the back ground...something about dangerous and dark... more
    • Is mostly listening okay? — Felicia Davino (Draco), Wed Jun 19 22:40
      • Okay is wonderful!Ella Parker, Thu Jun 20 16:03
        Ella looked up to the girl; she looked like a first year as well and grinned. “I’m Ella!” She said, glad she was no longer alone. “And yeah, a partner would be great as it would be hard to try and... more
        • Then Call Me Ms.WonderfulFelicia Davino, Mon Jun 24 21:17
          Felicia was a little nervous, since this would be her first time trying out an actual spell with her wand and everything, but she tried not to let it show as she rolled up her sleeves. “Sure,” she... more
          • And me Miss. Can't-Cast-A-SpellElla Parker, Wed Jun 26 12:08
            Ella felt the spell knock out of her hand hard. Even as a muggleborn, she knew that that was a powerful cast. Ella looked over her shoulder, as her wand fell to the floor at the other side of the... more
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